High-Quality of Food but Poor Service @ Shakey's

Ian asked me if I can accompany him to pay his Sun billing at Park Square yesterday, so I answered "Yes", since he always picked me from office after work. Haha. Do I have any choice? Hehe. After we paid his phone bill, we decided to have our dinner then buy his walking shorts for our company outing this Saturday. We settled to try again Shakey's, I think Ian is craving for some thin crust pizza that is why he suggested it. Upon reaching this restaurant we saw lots of name on their waiting list, but since it's a good opportunity to dine by two, we immediately accompanied by one staff to our seats. We already try this restaurant many times before that is why we already knew what to order; none other than "Bunch of Lunch". But upon seeing the other page of their menu, Ian settled to try Deal 1 that they offer.
Deal one is good for 3-4 persons, it includes Solo pack chick and chips, 3 pcs of Shakey's flavorful Chicken and Large thin crust (Manager's choice) and a Pitcher of house blend Iced Tea which is worth Php 598.02 only! ^_^

Solo pack chick and chips
Pitcher of Iced Tea
Thin Crust Pizza
The food was great, the pizza is delicious since it was served hot, but I really get irritated about their service. Let me start with this one, at first they are very attentive to their customer but later on they not! On our experience in this restaurant , one staff gave us 2 glass of water with ice followed by our order Solo pack chick and chips then the pitcher of Iced Tea, I told Ian that the service here is okay since they provided the food in a couple of minutes but suddenly went wrong, I noticed that we already consumed all the foods in front of us, we already talked lots of things about us and still the Large thin crust pizza is not arriving! I already make follow up to all staff that I saw and told them that we already waiting for about 25 minutes and yet there is no pizza came, I saw other table that they served pizza so why is it that we are still not have our pizza; after several follow ups, our order arrived, thank God!
Then finally, when we ask for our bill they give it as fast as Superman! Can you imagine that! So Ian gave his credit card as payment, but it took us another 20 minutes to received our official receipt. My temper begins to burst out so I went to the counter and ask for the card as well as the receipt. The Manager ask me what is my concern, I honestly told them that they have a poor service because we are waiting for the billing statement and Ian's credit card but they not serving it to us, when I saw it it's already done in processing! Damn! We are waiting for almost 20 minutes for the card that is left behind. I think the management should changed the Manager of that restaurant who is on duty that time, because she don't even help her staff in providing a good service, take note it's dinner time so expect many people who will dine in the said restaurant and because of that you need to help your staff and not just sitting beside the counter. Because of this incident happened to us, we were not able to buy Ian's walking shorts.

despite of the hassle we encountered, we keep our self happy :)
2nd Floor, Glorietta
Makati City