Me and U "Stuff of Togetherness"

When Ian and I chat over the phone last week he told me that he has a special gift for me, I convinced him to tell me what is that but he refuse it and told me that he will give it to me during the celebration of fiesta in their community. So I went to Ian's home last Sunday May 30 to celebrate their fiesta and also to get my gift. Haha. When I arrived, I immediately ask where my gift is and I'm so excited to see it since he keeps on telling me that I will like it. Then after convincing him to give my his gift, finally he presents to me this cute paper bag.

I got curious about this cute paper bag, but I already have an idea that it's something that I really like. Upon opening this bag, I saw a couple shirt; One for me, one for him.

This t-shirt is unique, simple yet meaningful designed by Me and U. The design was so cheesy and mushy which I think very cool for couple like us. Me and U shop will provide you with a stuff of togetherness which will be much appreciated and remembered to anyone who will received it like me. I really appreciate it when Ian gave it to me. Now we have additional couple shirt on our collections. :p

us wearing our new couple shirt ^_^

Me and U
Level 4 SM Megamall Atrium
Julia Vargas corner EDSA
Mandaluyong City