Part 2: Exploring the beauty of Alona Beach!

Our 2nd day in Bohol begins as early as 7am. My dad cooks us this yummy foods for our breakfast before we continue this wonderful trip. It's a great feeling that the food you ate was personally made by your love one, that is why we enjoy our breakfast very much.

Dangit and Egg
After an hour, we decided to explore the beauty of Alona Beach. This is actually a 20 minutes walk from Appartelle, but Kuya (owner of the house) provides us free shuttle service from their house to the beach. Upon seeing this beautiful beach, I told myself that I love to come back here. Alona Beach is a typical paradise for me. It is famous for its coral white sand that stretches one and a half kilometers. The sand was pure with tall swaying coconut palm trees which makes this beach like a piece of heaven. I love this place, not crowded and you can see the azure waters beyond. For anyone of you who wants to relax, this place is highly recommended. There are lots of resorts in Alona which offers pricey but one of a kind room, you can also see some restaurant bar that offers buffet lunch and dinner for a reasonable price.

Coconut Palm Tree at Alona Beach

Since this was our first time in Alona, we take this opportunity to have many photo ops.
Happy Family ^_^
sweet :)
My Alluring Ate Aissa
my lovely sister, JM!
simply me :)

Tres Marias
(this shot was taken by my dad)

I took this shots and I love it!
Don't expect unruly during night life, this is not like Boracay where you can see people are dancing, and doing some unusual things, this place is so Peaceful! You can only hear some bands performing during dinner time, but there are also some disco during weekends. If ever you ask me what is my best choice between Boracay and Bohol, I'm proud to say that I fell in-love with this place! So I'm so thankful that my photography club will explore this beautiful city this coming September!