Bubba Gump

Ian and I celebrate our 47th monthsary yesterday so we decided to have our dinner at Bubba Gump. We always see this restaurant whenever we crossed the Greenbelt 3 hallway. It always catches our attention every time their staff convinced us to try their restaurant. We all know that Bubba Gump is famous for seafood specifically shrimp, they offer pricey but stunning food as well and because of that we make a decision trying this restaurant when we have a special occasion. Since it's our monthsary, Ian planned to treat me here, so sweet!

The place was first-class for me. The staffs are very much accommodating; they greeted us with a big smile upon entering the restaurant and assist us to our seats. I like the ambiance of the restaurant, the details and unbelievable spacious interior design that makes this restaurant dazzling. What catches my thought was the famous word "Run Forest Run" on our table which according to their website it was started from the movie "Forest Gump" where Forest and Bubba would build their first restaurant.

I also saw the ping pong paddle on our table, each page consist of their best drinks menu. How amazing idea right?!

I also wonder for this pail placed on our table, when I look inside I saw hot sauce, ketchup and tissue which I think you can use when you peel the shrimps. Very nice right?!

One friendly staff came in, his name is JP. He told us that they will give us free dessert every time we answered his questions about the legend of Bubba Gump, since we have no idea about how it started he opt to tell the whole story behind the success of this restaurant. It was so nice to hear the story while waiting for our order, I enjoy how he deliver it and after his story telling we now understand and recognize the use of the most popular word in Bubba Gump which are the "Run Forest Run" as well as "Stop Forest Stop". When you have to call their attention, you need to place down the "Stop Forest Stop" so that they will assist you in your needs, while you use the "Run Forest Run" when you have no other concern. We really enjoy this cool and marvelous idea.

We started to order an getting hard to choose from various choices, until we both agree for our orders/ We first choose to have Shrimper's Heaven. You will love the shrimps included in this meal. It includes 4 different cooking styles, shape and taste in every cone. The dynamite shrimp, coconut shrimp, fried shrimp and hush pups. It also includes tries with mouth-watering dippin' sauces.

Shrimper's Heaven Php 632.74 + 12% VAT

I ordered one plain rice since I skipped merienda for this dinner.

Plain Rice Php 70.80 + 12% VAT

Ian settles to try Shrimp Shack Pasta. According to their menu it is fusilli and penne pasta tossed with a lemon garlic sauce and topped with grilled shrimp and a sprinkle of feta cheese. The taste was really tasty bu the feta cheese on top makes my taste buds a little bit disappointed because I didn't like the sour flavor of it. Ian noticed that I always remove it whenever I get some, so he decided to take it off on the plate.

Shrimp Shack Pasta Php 393.81 + 12% VAT

He ordered Iced Tea for his drinks while I prefer to have their service water.

Bottomless Iced Tea Php 88.50 + 12% VAT

Service Water

I honor the staff that assist us during our meal specifically JP, he always check us if we are enjoying our food, if we have other concerns or something but what makes me admire him is that he gave us free ice cream despite of not answering his questions about Bubba Gump since we have no idea about the story behind the said restaurant and make him enlighten us. The ice cream was good, it is vanilla ice cream which I think good for 2 persons since Ian and I share it.

Free Vanilla Ice Cream

We ended up our dinner date with picture taking of course. We make sure to have a simple remembrance every time we do food trip. So if you are Shrimp lover you will also enjoy the dishes that they offer. They also recommend their other dishes like the popcorn shrimp and garlic shrimp.

Bubba Gump
2nd Floor Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City