Fluky Gift

Yesterday Ian and I go off to Trinoma to have our shopping spree for our Hongkong Escapade this July as our 4th year anniversary celebration. After we completed the things we need to purchased and done with our dinner, Ian noticed this new game offered by Timezone. We already noticed this game before we start our shopping galore, but we didn't try it since we concentrate to other things. But when I left Ian for a while because I need to buy some "pasalubongs" for my family, he told me that he just stays int he timezone booth where lots of people are looking at the machine. After I've done my part, I went to him and observe what's happening; I saw this group of people trying to pin down a mini solar figurine. Ian wants to try it so he purchase 2 token worth Php 10.00 each. After first try, he didn't make it so for the second try; I crossed my fingers and hoping that he will get the mini figurine for me. Luckily, he made it! Yipee! Upon getting this cute solar statuette, he immediately gave it to me and told me that he provides all his best to catch it for me. So sweet!

After that, we purchased again 2 tokens and take our chance to grab one again, but unfortunately we missed it. But it's okay, one is enough for me.

Thank you honey for the fluky gift! I really like it. ♥♥♥