La Maison Café

Ian and I celebrate our 46th monthsary yesterday. He picked me from office and starts our walkathon from Paseo de Roxas to Greenbelt. We didn't talked about where to eat since Ian is so busy telling stories about his 1st day of work while I'm also too busy taking about our Bohol experience until we noticed that we already reached the Greenbelt. We roamed for a minutes and check each and every restaurant that we saw, our 1st option was to try the Marciano's at Greenbelt 3, but upon checking their menu, Ian suggested to try it some other time until we finally settled for La Maison at Greenbelt 5.

We already saw this restaurant may times before and we chose this place because it was cozy, not crowded and certified fine dining restaurant. I love this place, we spend more quality time to talk since Ian still not finished in his stories same as me I had so many stories to share with him that day.

Upon reaching the entrance of La Maison, we were greeted by a polite waiter and lead us to our seats. The service in this restaurant was well-organized, the staff who served us was very gracious, accommodating and always wear his smile that is why we really enjoyed our dinner date that night.
The waiter gave us this complimentary bread with sauce while we're still finalizing our orders.

Complimentary Bread
Ian ordered for our appetizer first. He chose to have Blast-Off Garden Salad which includes cucumber, tomato, egg slices and cheddar cheese cubes n a bed of iceberg lettuce in thousand island dressings. The salad is really appetizing, I swear.

Blast-Off Garden Salad Php 190.00
Ian opt to have Baby Back Ribs Bento in barbecue and honey chili sauce. Ian loved the sauce which was combination of sweet and slight spicy.

Baby Back Ribs Bento Php 295.00

This bento includes a soup but Ian prefers to give it to me. The soup was good and tasty. I really don't know what ingredients included but it's like a cream of mushroom with grated cheese.

I wish to try the Stuffed Chicken Roquefort. It is a rolled chicken breast with spinach, bacon and sun dried tomato with Roquefort sauce. Ian didn't like the taste, since it's a little bit sour maybe because of the sun dried tomato included but for me, I love it especially their presentation of the food.
Stuffed Chicken in Roquefort Sauce Php 295.00
Since it's our special day, we chose to have picture taking as a remembrance of our spectacular dinner date.

lovely couple ^__^

me :)

La Maison Cafe
Unit 3-042 043 Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center Makati City