Pizza Hut Bistro

Ian has an interview with a 2 big company last Tuesday, so it is another chance to meet him at Glorietta that day. Since it's too early for dinner, we choose to surf at E-lounge first before we finally decide to have our dinner. This time, I asked him if we could try Pizza Hut Bistro again since I'm craving for their Viva Lasagna. I love the ambiance of the restaurant, it's very cozy where you can relax and do some serious talks, we were lucky to occupy the couch near entrance.

The waiter gave us their menu and left us for while since we are still thinking of what to order. Ian told me before that the Viva Lasagna that I'm craving for is not available anymore since it's only seasonal menu; so he opt to order regular size of Viva Milano, it is a perfect combination of salami, Italian sausage, ham, oregano with olive oil and Parmesan cheese. The taste was good but still I go for Viva Lasagna.

Viva Milano Regular Php 319.00

Ian suggests having the 99ners they offer. Actually, they don't include it in their regular menu; they have a separate set of choices for it. This time we were surprised because they changed their listing, you have to choose 3 menu from appetizer, pizza and pasta, drink. I am craving for Caesar salad so I chose Caesar salad for my appetizer. I love the salad which includes crisp romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese and herbed croutons with their own dressings.

Caesar Salad

Next, I chose my favorite Spaghetti Carbonara. It was like they include milk in their servings which makes it more appetizing.


Ian and I settled to have Iced Tea for our drinks; unfortunately I don't like the taste because they offer Lipton Iced tea, I prefer Nestea instead, so I gave mine to him.

For Ian, he prefers to have mushroom soup for his appetizer. The soup was served warm, but it is really mouthwatering.

Mushroom soup

He rather chose the Spaghetti in red sauce rather than Carbonara, so he opt to have Baked Beef Macaroni. There is no special thing about the pasta; I was so scrumptious when you match it with pizza.

Baked Beef Macaroni

us :)

Pizza Hut Bistro
Ground Floor, Glorietta 4
Ayala Center
Makati City