Sentro 1771

We had our impromptu lunch last Friday. Ian went to Phil Am Life bldg for another interview, since he finished the discussion around 12noon, he opt to have our lunch together at Chowking near Citibank. So sweet! Then, since it's our payday, I decided to treat Ian for dinner. He fetch me at the office around 5:40pm and do our usual walkathon in Ayala Garden to arrive at Greenbelt. Since it's too early to have dinner, we decided to stroll around the mall while chatting for our upcoming plans. We look for the top movie at Greenbelt 3, unfortunately, we already watched some movies before so we opt to sit down and relax for a while. I am craving for some bitter foods that time, luckily, I saw the nuts about candy store, they offer different candies from sweets to sour, from chocolates to bubble gum. I buy 55 grams of candies for Phpo 61.00.

55 grams Php 61.00

Then, finally we settled to have our dinner around 7:30pm, our destination was to try Sentro 1771. Actually, we want to try this before, unfortunately due to our tight budget we choose to try it when we already have extra cash. Since it's my payday that day and the following day will be our 45th monthsary, I decided to try and celebrate it in advance. We were first greeted by a polite waitress, since there is no available spaces for two, she assist us to the couch and wait for our seats. While waiting, Ian and I already chose what to order, the price are too pricey that is why we think twice before ordering. Haha. After 5 minutes of waiting, one staff assists us to our seats, and gave us their complimentary watermelon seeds followed by their service water.


Service water

I asked the waiter if they give us discounts for Ayala Card holder, he told us that they only give 1 complimentary Sizzling Tofu. Wow! That's great, additional dish for our dinner. I admire the service they provide, they really attentive to the customers and they make sure that they give their 100% best service to you; well, I guess they should do that because they include 10% service charge to your bill. The food arrived simultaneously, you don't need to make follow up with them.

Ian ordered Kare-Kare. As all of you know, he really loves Kare-Kare. Whenever we will dine in a Filipino Restaurant, he never forgets to order it. The Kare-Kare that they offer is quintessential Filipino stew of peanut, oxtail, ox feet and tripes guarantees to satisfy your craving. The taste was good but nothing compares to the Kare-Kare that my mom does, and Kare-Kare in Mesa Restaurant and CWC in Naga City.

Solo Kare-Kare with Bagoong Php 520.00

I ordered Garlicky Adobo. I'm just curious about the taste of Adobo saute in Garlic. There are many variations of Adobo. This one is a mix of pork and beef with toasted garlic and tinged with annatto seeds. Ian didn't like it, since for him it's tasteless and at the same time too oily. Well, he's right.

Solo Garlicky Adobo Php 320.00

We only ordered 2 cups of plain rice that time. There is no special thing about their rice.

Plain rice Php 45.00 / cup

We also got our free sizzling tofu. It is diced tofu in a special soy sauce with little mayo dressing serve on a sizzling plate. I love their cooking style, it's like sizzling sisig at first sight but when you taste it, you will notice that it is tofu, in tagalog, "Parang sisig, pero tofu!" Hehe. Look, we save Php 250.00 for this one. Thank you A-Card!

Sizzling Tofu Php 250.00

honey with our foods :)

When we get our bill, they include a piece of paper, when I open it, I saw this one.

"Thank you for your time. Please accept this complimentary voucher as a token of appreciation. You may use this voucher on your next visit."
Wow another complimentary one sizzling tofu which is valid until June 2010.

We have some foods left, so we decided to take them home. Our pre-monthsary celebration ended with picture taking of course.

happy couple :)

Bistro Sentro 1771
Level 2, Greenbelt 2
Ayala Center
Makati City