Earth Run 2010

Can you see that our mother earth is suffering from dirt that is created by us? The global warming that we felt is a big problem that the whole world is facing right now. It's been 41 years since it was founded by a US Senator Gaylord Nelson and up to now more than 175 countries celebrated it. I know we can help to save our mother earth by our own little way. So last Sunday, Ian together with my office mates runs on the big event, the Earth Run at The Fort. This run shows our support to help stop global warming. Actually, there are 2 earth run that held last Sunday, one is the Earth Run which we joined and the other one is National Geographic Earth Day Run at SM Mall of Asia. It so good when you run with a cause or supporting for something. My heart really belongs in running, I keep on running since 2008 and I know that it brings good health for me.

Ian fetch me at our house around 5am, then my dad accompanied us at The Fort. We left our things at the baggage area that they provided and start our warm up exercise. Before the actual run, I saw my office mates who will run on the same category, 5km. Of course, picture taking before running.

my officemates
us :)

Ian and I finished the 5km run in 36 minutes. I'm not proud of my time because I'm expecting that I will finished it in less than 30 minutes, but since I have no practice for almost 1 week, I guess my energy level is already lessen.
with my officemates after the race

Kuya Benj and Ian
us after the race.. :)
The race was not really organized, because the water station was not put in order, can you imagine, you will tear the plastic cup just to get water or the worst is you will also do the water refilling. Thank God, I only stop at the water station twice and I got a plastic cup with water already. We also have a bad experience in getting give aways, we fall in line for almost 20 minutes just to received 1 piece of energy biscuit that is why we come to a decision to left the race area and proceed to Market Market and have our breakfast in Jollibee but the most important is that we support our mother earth in our own simple way. So keep on running guys!