Happy Birthday Tita Grace!

Last Sunday, my auntie went to our house to celebrate her birthday, actually her birthday was last April 16, but since she has a work that time she opt to celebrate it last Sunday. My mom and JM keeps of teasing her to buy some merienda for us, as a result my auntie makes up her mind and ask my mom to cook spaghetti for us. My mom together with tita grace and JM went to hypermarket to purchase some ingredients in cooking spaghetti, while I chose to take a nap for a while. Around 6pm when I wake up and saw this yummy spaghetti in our dining table. This is actually my mom's specialty; she cooks for the birthday celebrant. So sweet.

my mom's special spaghetti
I really adore how my mom cook the spaghetti. I know she cook it with all her heart. The taste was so sweet. because she put a special ingredient that made it tasty. Well, I already know what is the special ingredient, because one time when I was trying to cook spaghetti for Ian, I asked for her help and she forgets to keep her secret ingredient with me. Haha. I really be devoted to her cooking style, in fact I carry some at the office the following day.

Of course, the birthday celebration will not be complete without ice cream. So my mom chose to try the most popular ice cream due to lots of commercials in Television, the Selecta Pinoy Sorbetes with added coconut milk. This is the first time we try this ice cream, the taste was good, and it includes a natural cheese that makes the ice cream delicious.

Thank you Tita Grace for the birthday treat! We love you!