Panda Family

After our dinner at North Park, we chose to unwind and enjoy the night together by playing again in Time zone. As all of you already know that we love to have fun every after dinner or simply during our simple date. Upon reaching the entrance of Timezone, we saw a banner offering customer to get some discount, but only limited to Ayala Card holder. Since Ian and I have our own A-card, we avail discount they offer. You need to pay only Php 160.00 and you can have Php 200.00 load, meaning you save Php 40.00, not bad right.

The first thing we played was our favorite Time Crisis 2. I think everybody knows how to play it so need to elaborate it. Hehe. But as usual, I ended the game before reaching the stage 2. Huhu.

Then, since we are collecting tickets to get our dream prize, we played the EZ Touch Global. This is where you will find the difference of the same pictures. Look additional 6 tickets in our collections. Yahoo..

While walking around the amusement area, we saw this new arrival game; The Panda Family. We got curious on how to play it, but we know that this game will dispense lots of tickets; so we decided to try it. It's so exciting knowing that you need to take picture in this game, all you have to do is look at the camera, smile then press the red button and that's it. In this game, you have to compete with each other. It's so nice to play it with your love ones, so funny knowing that you need to fight just to win and have some tickets.

The first game, we choose the Duck dunk, Cake shop and Fire fighter. Ian wins in the 3 stages, so definitely he is the overall winner. Look, he won 14 tickets.

I asked him if we could play again because I want to win for the 2nd try. So we chose the Coin catch, Bamboo climb and Turtle hop. Luckily, I won on the 3rd stage which is the turtle hop, but as usual, the overall winner still holds by Ian. Look, he won 10 tickets while I won 3 tickets this time.

Stage 1: Coin Catch

Stage 2: Bamboo Climb

Stage 3: Turtle Hop

Overall result

For the third time, I beg Ian if we can fight again for the last time. We chose to try the Circus, Plumber plunger and Fire fighter. I thought I will win the 3 stages since I won on the 1st stage, I give my best to win this battle but I guess Ian really deserves to be a winner. Again, I lose the game. Huhu. But it's okay since the tickets that we collected will be bond together to claim our dream prizes.

Stage 1: Circus

Overall result