Krocodile Grille

In good times, in bad times..
I'll be at your side forever more..
That's what friends are for..

Last Tuesday, we planned to have our dinner / get together with my college friends. This is actually re-sched for so many times, maybe because all of us have important errands to do. I assigned as a caller / texter of the group. I do this because I really want to see and meet my old friends again, especially Mec who is here for only 1 month vacation. She is currently working in Abu Dhabi, and every year she has given I think 1 month vacation. It is an opportunity for all of us to meet again after a long time. I think 1 night is not enough for us sharing's each other stories.

I reached Glorietta around 5:45pm and texted Noel who get there in Glorietta as early as 5pm. Then, Ian arrived followed by Norman. We meet up with Jhoy and Allan in Landmark and finally meet Mec at Greenbelt. Then, we find ourselves walking around the Greenbelt 3 hallway and proceed in the planned restaurant, Krocodile Grille. We do plenty of picture taking before we finalized our orders.

Noel, Jhoy & Allan

Mec, Me, Ian and Norman

3 girls

us :)
One of the staff offer the "Barkada Meal". I think there are four choices with different prices and menu as well.We go for meal no. 4 with free pitcher Ice tea which is good for 10 persons.
Before we order, they give us complimentary chicharon.
Complimentary Chicharon

First dish to arrived was Beef Rib Soup. The taste was too salty, I thought I am the only one who noticed it, but when Noel react it only proves that my taste bad is in good condition. Haha..

Beef Rib Soup

Next to arrived was OX tail Kare-Kare, the bowl consist of plenty vegetables and a small amount of meat. I get disappointed when I taste it coz the sauce itself is lack of peanut butter which is the major ingredients in doing Kare-Kare.

OX Tail Kare-Kare
Next was the 10 cups of plain rice included in the meal. I also get disappointed, coz they served it cold. That is why it really hard for me catch extra rice.. Gggrrr...

Plain Rice

Followed by Steamed Bangus Belly, this time I enjoyed eating fish. The taste of saute garlic with onions on top of it added by a carrots and sayote on side. The bangus is actually boneless so you can easily eat it.

Steamed Bangus Belly

After that, the Sizzling Flaming Chicken with gravy sauce and saute garlic on top. No special factor with the chicken, except that it also served chilly.

Sizzling Flaming Chicken

Following the Devilled Crispy Pata, the meat itself is so spicy. You can see the red chili covered the whole meat plus saute garlic on top on it that makes it yummier. But be ready with your drinks, coz I tell you that this meal is highly spiced.

Devilled Crispy Pata
We thought that our order is all set, so we all start to eat; however we are all surprised when another set of foods came in, first, Salty Spricy Shrimp. Since Ian and I really like shrimps we take the opportunity to grab 2 pcs of it. I think we also got another 2 pcs of shrimp on the other table. Haha..

Salty Spicy Shrimp

Next to arrived was Pancit Palabok. There are no special ingredients added in Palabok. It 's like the usual Palabok we bought in other store with boiled egg, shrimp, etc.
Pancit Palabok

Finally, the last platter served was Inihaw Sampler Plate. I get confused to try it, since my stomach was already full. The plate consist of different seafoods including fish, grilled squid, 2 pcs of shrimp, mussels and 2 pcs of barbeque.

Inihaw Sampler Plate

After our heavy dinner, our group decided to get the free dessert included in the set menu. You can choose either Choco Banana Ice Cream with cherry on top of it or Pandan Jello. Ian and I chose Ice Cream since it looks like delicious than Pandan Jello. Well, we are right; Panda Jello served not freezing. Can you imagine eating warm Buko Pandan? Duhh!!!
Choco Banana Ice Cream

Pandan Jello
Since, I have Ayala Card; I asked one of the staff if we can avail discounts or freebies, they told me that they can only give us free ice cream, well not bad. I give my free ice cream to Ryan (Jhoy's BF) since he arrived late.

We ended up our dinner with pictorial inside and outside the restaurant.

Group picture :)



Krokodile Grille
3rd Floor, Greenbelt 3
Esperanza St., Ayala Center
Makati City