Certified Trippers (Part 4)

continuation of our sweet escapade...


Our 2nd destination for our 4-days adventure in Ilocos last December 2009. I really love the place; unfortunately, we have limited time to walk around the seashore of Pagudpod. There is also an incident here that all of us would still remember until now. It is when Joseph, Rain and Irvin make some jokes that creates Ruel getting emotional. This is also the first time I saw Irvin wearing only brief with jacket. Haha. But to sum it all, we really enjoy our trip in Pagudpod.

RN, Joseph, Ruel and Ian

us :)


Our last destination of our 4-days trip. This is actually one of our dream places to visit. It is a heritage place where the old structure of houses can be found. I also saw this place in some horror or old Filipinos movies. Finally, Ian and I have taken so much pictures of most popular street in Vigan, the Calle Crisologo.

Calesa Fever!

Calle Crisologo in Day time

Calle Crisologo at Night

F21 in action!


Hot Air Balloon Festival!

This is our first time to see in actual the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Our friend in F21 planned to celebrate Valentine's Day in different way. So last February 13, we reach Clark, Pampanga around 6am and took some pictures inside the grassland.


Happy Heart's Day!

This is also our first time to celebrate heart's day out of town and with friends. Usually, we celebrate it in a simple but romantic dinner date. This is also our 1st time to see the sights of Zambales.

Anawangin Couple
F21 in Anawangin

Capones Light House

Now, we are preparing for our major trip this year, celebration of our 4th anniversary. This time, we are able to try out of the country trip. This will be my first time to experience and explore foreign land. Ian is in-charge in doing our itinerary as well as hotel booking because he already expert to travel abroad. This we will have our long vacationwhich last for 5 days and travel 2 most popular tourist countries. We also have another domestic trip this September with our dear F21 friends, and still we continue to discover and explore not only the beauty of our country, but also other countries in the whole world. (in the near future). Now, do you agree with me that Ian and I are certified trippers?!