Chocolate as peace offering

Ian and I had a misunderstanding last Monday which causes us to sleep late. I decided to settle our petty quarrel the following day since it's already 11:30pm. This is the first time that we skipped to settle it within the day, maybe because I'm too tired to discuss it. Next day will be our college friends get together and he is invited by my friend Mec in the said dinner. This is the opportunity for us to reconcile whatever issues we left. But since we are not just boyfriend/girlfriend, we are also best friends; we act normally like nothing argues happen last night. We had our dinner with friends & picture taking as well, so we have no chance to be alone and talked about our concern.
The only chances that we can be alone was when come with me in our house. Actually, we didn't open up whatever dilemma between us; it's just as simple as "let's forget about it and start all over again" until Ian open his back pack and gave his sweet chocolates.

Kisses classic milk chocolate with almonds

He told me that this is a peace offering then he hug me tightly and say " I love you Honey and I'm so Sorry!" I hug him also and say "Sorry too" for whatever I told him last night that makes him sad.

Thank you Honey for the chocolates, I really love it! You don't need to give me anything just to make me smile; your love and loyalty is enough for me to stay with you forever. I Love You so much! Mwah!


Actually, we really love this Almond Kisses ever since, so if we have extra cash and go shopping we don't forget to include in our list and also sorry if the contents are few, I already eat half of it the night after he gave me that. Haha