House of Minis

February 24, 2010, Wednesday is another special day for Ian and I celebrate our 3rd year and 7th month or in short our 43rd monthsary. This is a little bit different compare to our other celebration. I have a meeting on the afternoon at House of Minis in Pasig and don't know what time my work will ends. Suddenly, I noticed that it's already past 5pm and I need to be back in Makati and continue our plans to have dinner date at Glorietta or Greenbelt, but Ms. Ging which is actually my buddy in doing reports told me not to come back in Makati and have our date in Tiendesitas which is actually walking distance from HOM. I think God wants us to have different kind of celebration because I received a text message from Ian and told me that he will fetch me in HOM since he is working within Ortigas area and less hassle for both of us to travel back to Makati and have our dinner date. I asked him if he knows the Ugong Pasig which I am located that time, but unfortunately he don't know or even try to cross the threshold of Pasig. I'm so confused if he will be able to fetch me before 6pm since he's not familiar with the place at the same time traffic begins. But God is good, I received a phone call from him telling that he's already in the HOM. Ms. Ging is so much excited to meet him because she wants to see and know Ian personally. She definitely interested to know who my love of my life is. Naks. Then, I introduced Ian to Ms. Ging and vice versa, then a little advise where can we celebrate our monthsary. No other choice but to explore the attractiveness of Tiendesitas. This is actually our first time to scroll in Tiendesitas together. I've been there once when JR and I look for something way back December 2009. Ian also tries to scroll around the mall and search for my requested VS bag as his Valentine's gift for me, unfortunately, out of stock! ggrr...

After a glimpse of Tiendesitas, do some window shopping and look for the best place where can we eat, we decided to try out SM Supermarket (Pasig) which besides Tiendesitas. Since both of us are first timer in the said mall, we look around and find a place to dine in. Ian is craving for pizza, so when we saw A Veneto Pizzeria near entrance we decided to try it again, but Ian insisted to try different restaurant. So I suggest him to try food at House of Minis which is actually owned by Ms. Ging and her family.

Upon entering the said restaurant, we greeted by a good waiter (which is actually I know for almost 2 years), give us table for 2 but actually it's table for 4 pax. Haha. When we are browsing the menu, Ms. Ging arrived. She asks what our order and suddenly I asked her the same question and askingher what is the best seller that HOM can offer. Ian chooses the regular size of Swiss steak with Cheese Sauce. This is one of their best sellers.

Swiss steak with Cheese Sauce Php 450.00

Since I already know some of their menu, because I've been here many time before and Ms. Ging always treats me lunch whenever we have meetings there. So I definitely order for mini size Beef Burger which is prime cuts already and served sizzling. Actually, you can have full stomach when you try all of their specialties, because it includes soup of the day, salad, dinner rolls and a dessert.

Mushroom Soup


bread with butter

Beef Burger Php 250.00

Ms. Ging also tells us that they offer the best Ice Tea and Ian wants to try it, so he ordered HOM Ice Tea which according to him it tastes like a cherry flavored iced tea.

HOM Iced Tea Php 80.00

Ian have no idea how big servings that HOM offer, so he add 1 garlic rice. But upon seeing his order, he pleased me to get half of the rice. Haha. (Garlic Rice Php 50.00)

We have a full blast of dinner after eating our complimentary ube ice cream which is included already in our order.

Ube Ice Cream

Of course, our date will not be complete without picture taking with Ms. Ging.

us :)

with Ms. Ging

We left the House of Minis around 8:15pm since we need to go early to have some beauty rest and prepare for another day for work.

Thanks to Ms. Ging for the 10% discount she gave us. We promise her that we will be back again soon.

House of Minis
No. 104 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
Bo. Ugong, Pasig City