Last Friday, February 26 Ian and I met in Glorietta 4 to have our mall tour and at the same time another food trip to close our month end celebration. Since we always want to a fast service for our hunger, we have no other choice but to eat agin in Glorietta 4's Food Choices. We've been eating there so many time; actually I guess we already try the entire booth there.

So what we have on that day is to try the Meister's, I guess it is sister company of Almon Marina. It is located beside the President Tea House. Since Ian is currently on diet, he ordered Burger, Pasta and Fries meal. He chooses Bolognese as sauce for his Pasta.

Burger, Pasta and Fries Meal Php 145.00

Since I forgot to take merienda because of work, definitely I need to take a big servings for my dinner. I try Roast chicken, Pasta and Salad meal, I chooses Beef Stroganoff as sauce for my pasta. I really love pasta especially Carbonara. The chicken is good as well as the pasta, however, I didn't enjoy their salad because they don't put dressing on top of it so I give it to Ian and let him consume all of it.

Roast chicken, Pasta and Salad Meal Php 135.00

For our drinks, we don't order drinks because Ian brought 1 liter of Fit and Right. Maybe you all know why he always carries F&R. (Ian is addicted in gym & dream to have his 8 packs abs soon for summer. Haha..)

1 liter Pineapple Fit and Right Php 50.00

Glorietta 4, Food Choices
Ayala Avenue, Makati City