The benefits of Young Living Essentials Oils

Yes! You read it right. Our first choice of natural healing is Essential Oils. We’ve been using essential oils  for the past 8 months (different brand because one of my officemates are introduced it to me) before were finally decided to join the bandwagon of Young Living. I will make some short story about how these powerful oils help me in my journey towards parenthood and make my life easier.

Young Living essential oils offer hundreds of essential oils and oil-infused products. Whether you use it for aromatherapy, personal care or household solutions, every aspect of daily life can be benefit from a few drops of oil. The YLEO are extracted from aromatic plant sources via stem distillation and are highly concentrated and far more potent than dry herbs so you don’t need to worry as these oils are pure natural or known as “Nature’s living energy”.

I read a lot about essential oils and I found out that EO are considered mankind’s first medicine and have been used around the world for centuries. Essential oils and other aromatics have been used in religious rituals, help support the body’s natural systems and other physical and spiritual needs. So when I told my husband about this thing, he was interested and told me to read some blogs/reviews about YL. Good thing, one of my mommy bloggers friend, Ciarra invited me to attend the 1st ever seminar of YL in the Philippines. My husband and I attended the seminar, got some freebies and leaflets and right after the session, we signed up.

We just got our starter kits after 3 weeks and started using it everyday. Yes! Ganon na ata kami ka addict sa YLEO. Each basic starter kit contains the following: 11 (5ml essential oil), 2 NingXia Red Single Samples (2 oz), 10 Essential Oil sample packets, 1 Aroma Glide, 1 Rose shaped diffuser, 10 sample oil bottles and Magazines.

Starter Kit
Whenever I forgot to put some EO before going to sleep, our panganay will stand up and picked up the box of oils while saying “Mommy, you forgot to put oils, I want the purple one”. Yes! Favorite nila yung Lavander while my husband and I love the combination of Peppermint and Lavender.  According to the manual included in the kit, Lavender is universally regarded as one of the most powerful and versatile oils. This is also their top products because it offers a host of benefits and a sweet, floral aroma.  

One of my new friends from SG (Jasmine) gave us booklet where new members like me can make fun with the easy recipes which requires only the EO in the premium Starter Kit. I’m so in-love with that book because I can create recipes for roll-ons, sprays, scrubs, bath salts, food, drink and many more. I recently share on my IG account some of my blends which are super effective for me and my family.

Each oils has their own specialties or common uses. I will share you some benefits of each oils so that it will help you find the correct EO for you.

brings a sense of peace and harmony
Promotes restful sleep
Improves the overall appearance of the skin

Supports healthy digestion
Cools the body
Promotes healthy respiratory function
Natural energy booster

 - Supports the immune system
 - Supports healthy lung function
 - Excellent for oral hygiene

 - Supports healthy joints and cartilage function
 - Eases minor head tension
 - Comforts muscles after exercise and physical exertion

 - Freshens the air
 - Eliminates odor
 - Improve the overall appearance of the skin
 - Enjoy the outdoors annoyance free

These are the basic oils that we use everyday and it really helps us a lot. I will make another kwento on how effective these oils on us especially on my kids. Yesterday, our panganay is constipated for 3 days already, as in di sya nag popoops and masakit na tummy nya, she already ate lots of fruits and water but still no effect sa kanya and makikita mo talaga sya na nahihirapan. As a mother di ko sya matiiis makitang nahihirapan anak ko so I decided to use YLEO to her. What I did was, I put one drop of Digize combined with Grapeseed as carrier oil and rub on her tummy, after 5 minutes lumabas lahat ng naimbak sa tyan nya! Effective! Ang galing ng YLEO!

Another kwento, I experienced severe headache few days ago because of puyat and pagod narin from work and mommy duties. I don’t usually take medicines kasi nga ayokong maging dependent sa gamot, so I make some blends for headache (5 drops of Peppermint, 5 drops of Panaway, 5 drops of Lavender and fill the rest with carrier oil), I roll it on the back of my neck, across forehead and on temples to relieve my head tension, after few minutes parang nagdahilan lang yung sakit ng ulo ko at biglang nawala. Kaya everday hindi pwedeng hindi ko dala yung ginawa kong blends.

Last week, my kids are not feeling well because of cough and colds and hindi sila nakakatulog nang maayos, so decided diffusing Peppermint + Lavander + Purification. After few minutes, nakatulog na sila as in late morning na sila nagising.

Last weekend, I try the combination of Aroma Ease which has a cool, minty aroma and contains powerful essential oil constituents that contribute to its calming scent and Purification to neutralize odors and enhance the air in our room. Alam nyo na nagging result, maaga kaming lahat nakatulog. I don’t know kung addict na kami sa EO or sadyang madaming good benefits ang YLEO.

I will make another kwento and new recipes on the blog soon. For the meantime, if you are planning to join this bandwagon and experience the benefits of YLEO, click on here
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