Biggest Loser ICCP Edition 2017

Hello my dear readers! How are you? Me? Sorry for not updating my blog as I’m so busy with my work and family of course.  We are now finalizing our #ProjectHappyHome and hopefully in God’s will makalipat na kami early next year. Woohooo..

Anyway, let’s go back in the main topic. Last end of September, I joined in our office challenge called “The Biggest Loser” and now we are on our 8th week and happy to say that I really love myself now. I will make a short kwento about it and why I joined in the challenge.

Before I got married, my weight is 120lbs and my waist line is 26. Yes, you read it right! Ang sexy ko at ang gaan ko noon, well that’s way back 11 years ago. Since lahi namin is tabain right after manganak, I gain 6lbs when I give birth to Rhian, thank God I lost 5lbs after 2 months because of breastfeeding. However, I gain weight again when I got pregnant with Rhaine, this time hindi na ko nag lose ng weight. I don’t know why maybe because I love to eat, we love to eat should I say. Remember, we have our #MarriageFirstFriday and we make sure to eat out during weekends so pano ko papayat nun db. I gained almost 10lbs in fact sometimes people might think I’m pregnant kasi ang laki laki ng tyan ko as in, I don’t know if I will be happy about it kasi ginagamit ko sya minsan to give priority sa jeep but sometimes napapaisip ako, am I that big na talaga. Whenever I asked my husband, he will always tell me na “I’m sexy”, na “I’m beautiful” and no matter what happens he will love me for the rest of his life. Ang sweet!!!

Anyway, since I joined the contest and I have the confidence na mananalo ako (naks! Lakas ng fighting spirit ko db) but seriously I really want to bring back my sexy body (naks!) so I put myself in a strict diet and exercise. Well aside from the money involve, my main reason why I join the contest is that I want to lower my bad cholesterol and improved the good one. Yes! Ang taas ng bad cholesterol ko mga beshies! Although di ako nag mamaintenance still I need to be healthy and take care of my body. Remember, Health is Wealth! Sharing you our progress sa “Balik Alindog” program namin.

Every Monday is our weigh in period and so far, I rank 1st in 4 consecutive weeks. Wohhoooo…. we’re still have 14 more weeks to go before our final weigh in. Matagal tagal pa sya and dadaan pa yung mga holidays, so I wish mapigilan ko pa ang hindi kumain ng madami. But seeing the results, mas ginaganahan akong mareach yung ideal weight ko.

If you will ask me ano-anong ginagawa ko to achieve my ideal weight, simple lang using this formula, DIET + EXERCISE = LOSE WEIGHT. Yes! Effective sya sa akin promise. I have cheat days parin naman every Friday because of our #MarriageFirstFriday and weekend gala with the family. I just limit what I ate, let’s say if before I ate 1.5 cup of plain/garlic rice, now I ate half cup of brown rice. Every Tuesday and Thursday I make sure to run or attend Zumba class in the office, good thing I have supportive friends na sinasamahan ako mag run and mag Zumba, they also encourage me to control my intake. Well tawag ko nga sa kanila mga "Coaches" ko kasi they believe in me na mananalo ako. Sharing with you one of my latest photos na nakaka proud kasi I lose almost 12 lbs. Wow! Tska na ulit ako mag uupload ng photo pag nareach ko na yung goal ko. Hihi.


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