Mommy Diaries: Emotional Me Part 2

I’m proud to say that I have very loving and sweet children.  Nakakatuwa lang whenever I saw them cuddling with each other although sometimes di maiiwasan na nag aaway narin sila sa simple things at the end of the day, they loved each other. Nagbibigay and naglalaro parin silang dalawa, if you will asked Rhian kung sino ang bestfriend nya, she will immediately reply, “Si Rhaine Rhiane”. Ayaw ni Rhian na mahiwalay sa kanya si Rhaine, same with Rhaine, mawala lang sa panigin nya ate nya she will look for it, “Asan na Ate?”. I’m so happy to have a very supportive husband who helps me how to raise good-hearted children. Di ko siguro makakaya kung ako lang, kaya I salute all single-parent who manage to raise a loving and good children.

The Kiddos with Ate Van (sa likod. Hihi)

This post is another senti mode (click here for part 1) because I realized next month Rhian is turning 4. Ang bilis ng panahon! While writing this, I am looking at our family photos and realized how blessed I am to have a happy and complete family. This is what I’m dreaming of and I will treasure this greatest gift for the rest of my life. I know I’m not a perfect mom to my children, syempre nagkakamali rin ako, napapagalitan ko sila, napapalo pero I make sure to explain it to them kung bakit ko nagagawa yun. I know children nowadays are smart, naiintindihan na nila kahit papano kung anong gusto mong sabihin sa kanila. We both know na medyo kulang kami sa oras with our kids especially during weekdays but we make sure to spend more quality time with them pag nasa bahay na kami and during weekends.

We have two-stayed in helpers, but whenever I got home from work ako ang nagpapakain and nagpapaligo sa kanila. I am a hands-on mom pag nasa bahay na kami, same with pag nasa labas kami. Mahirap, very challenging but fulfilling especially having kids with very small age gap and nasa toddler stage na. I swear nakakapagod, nakakaubos ng pacensya but whenever you see your kids having fun, nakakataba ng puso, nakakawala ng pagod.

We love to eat!
Some of our friends are asking if we are going to make another baby anytime soon, but we both decided not to have it for now, maybe after 5 years pa as we are moving to our #ProjectHappyHome very soon. Kaya medyo tight ang budget and we are still enjoying our two kids. Sa kanila pa nga lang ubos na lakas namin eh. Haha. Pero if God's will, we will accept it with all our hearts pero sana nga baby boy na para quota na kami. :)

So for now, let me share you some of our weekend gala with the kiddos. You know naman, my kids are always looking forward for weekend as we promise them to take them out pag wala kaming pasok. Remember this, no amount of money or success can take the place of time spent with your family.

In a FAMILY, love is spelled TIME.
There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on. 
Together, we make a FAMILY!
Together we explore, together we learn, together we love.. 
We are a FAMILY.

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