Where to eat in Makati: Mom and Tina’s Bakery Café

My husband and I really love to eat and eating is one of our favorite pastimes. During our #MarriageFirstFriday, we make sure to eat out and satisfy our cravings. Well, you should treat yourself once in a while and I deserve a break from cooking kahit 1 day lang.

We were craving for some pasta and oven pastries one Friday and opted to have lunch at Mom and Tina’s. Matagal tagal narin naman kaming hindi nakakakain dito and the fact that we really love their traditional home cooked meals and fresh out of the oven pastries and baked goodies, Mom and Tina’s is our top choice on that day and we were so fortunate that this restaurant is just a walking distance away from our work, meaning I can drop by the restaurant anytime.

Located at the ground floor of Tropical Palms Condo in Dela Rosa Street, Mom and Tina’s offers cozy and homey ambiance which you can sit back, relax and enjoy the food that they offer. This restaurant is accessible venue for small gatherings with friends and family

Since it’s already lunch time when we arrived, we were seated outside the restaurant. The seats are comfortable enough, though we prefer sitting on the sofa. There are varieties of menu to choose from and there are also baked goodies at the counter.

My husband ordered for Baked Chicken Macaroni, this is one of their bestsellers and according to the husband, it really tastes good. A combination of macaroni with chicken, tomato and cheesy cream sauce in a small cup of bowl that comes with two dinner rolls.

Baked Chicken Macaroni Php 185.00
I chose Chicken Spinach, a must-try spinach lasagna layered with chicken, tomato and cream sauce. It also comes with two dinner rolls. Well in fact, all of their pasta comes with two dinner rolls. If you think the portion might seem small, wait until you finish the whole dish because believe me it’s so heavy, it’s like you already have a full meal. 

Chicken Spinach Php 250.00
Since the husband was craving for some sandwich, he ordered for Tuna Salad sandwich. I love the combination of tuna and cheese with mayonnaise, pickles, tomato and cucumber slices in a brioche bun.

Tuna Salad sandwich Php 185.00
Overall, I highly recommend this place, very artistic and homey. Oh by the way the servers were nice too.

Mom and Tina’s Bakery Café
G/F Unit 14 Tropical Palms Condo
103 Dela Rosa Street., San Lorenzo
Makati City

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