#TeamVillarealTravels: Aqua Park Inflatable’s Float (Club Balai Isabel)

Our Club Balai Isabel trip will not be complete without trying their newest attraction - Aqua Park. I won 1 ticket courtesy of our company and one of my bosses gave me another ticket but unfortunately we can only use it on the day of our summer outing and since we are already at the resort a day before our outing, hindi namin pwedeng gamitin yung tickets that’s why my husband decided to just purchased tickets during our stay.

Aqua Park includes obstacle courses, trampolines, small and towering slides which are available all-year-round, meaning kahit tag-ulan na, open parin sila. I love this half hectare structure with the backdraft of the Taal Volcano which gives us picturesque of the Taal Lake.

The activity will last for 1 hour and before you experience this extreme adventure, you need to sign a waiver and listen to more or less 10 minutes orientation. Just make sure you’re wearing a safety jacket that fits so well, not too tight, and not to loose either and aqua shoes is not necessary but highly recommended.

Kinds below 13 years old are not allowed to enter the aqua park since the obstacles are difficult to cross. Honestly, I don’t know how to swim, siguro langoy aso pwede pa, but believe me takot ako sa dagat but since gusto ni hubby I try, go narin ako. (Sa hirap at ginhawa, dapat magkasama kami. Hihi)

The life guard told us that we should learn how to balance a walk. So he suggest that we just bounce a little while walking or running, at first I’m so afraid that I might fall in the water but as time goes by, I enjoyed it, di naman ako malulunod eh may life jacket ako. Hehe.

 There are no rules once you're on the floats; however here are some tips for you in case you might try this inflatable.
  • Remove any jewelry or accessories. The lifeguard insists that I should remove my eye glasses, but I refused! Hello, wala akong makikita pag tinangal ko yung salamin ko. Hehe.
  • Apply sunblock lotion
  • Wear swim wear. Either rash guard and shorts or you simply wear your favorite bikinis. But make sure you’re ready to get some mild bruises and scratches after the trail.
  • Always wear your life jackets. Please do not remove it even if you know how to swim. Better safe than sorry.
  • Bring your water-proof camera, to record and capture your precious moments.
  • Pregnant women and those with special or health conditions are not allowed to use the floaters. 
  • Try all the different kinds of challenges and enjoy it! It was fun and super exciting but I refused to try the biggest slide, takot eh. Haha. But my husband did it! Sorry mas adventurous sya kesa sa akin eh.

Ian at Big Slide



Overall, we really enjoyed it and at least for one hour we had husband and wife bonding time, so para kaming bumalik sa pagkabata. Take note, we tried this Aqua Park twice, kami na ang nag enjoy sa mga floaters. We will definitely come back here next year. :) 

Photos and videos were taken using our Go Pro SJSCam.  

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