Accidentally I saw a facebook page about Ipon Challenge, I guess one of my friend commented on the post kaya nakita ko sya and I got curious about the photo she liked, so what I did was I read the post and got inspired with it. I click the page and followed it immediately. During my lunch break, I read some post in the page and got challenge with it. Actually, malakihan pera ang usapan dun but I know that page will help me/us in our financial crisis.

According to their page Peso Sense is your #PartnerForChange which is now has more 1.7 Million followers. Wow! So after a week of reading some inspirational post, I am here now accepting the #PesoSenseIponChallenge. I know super hirap ang #FirstMillionChallenge or even #FirstThousandChallenge but wala naman mahirap sa taong nagsusumikap. We have debts now; we are paying our house and car loan, insurances, utilities, etc. and to tell you honestly, we really don’t have any emergency fund as of this moment, that’s why we came up with this challenge and totally accept it.

I know you already heard about the 52-week Money challenge and the Php 50.00 Money challenge. Actually, ang dami ng naglabasan mga money challenge today and now we are joining the bandwagon. I know it’s hard, definitely very hard for us especially now in our situation, pero sabi nga nila "pag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw may dahilan". So what’s the challenge, since hindi namin kaya yung 52-week or yung Php 50.00 money challenge, we make it simple as keeping Php 20 na meron kami. So para syang invisible sa paningin namin, we will try our best not to touch the money, no pressure naman on our part. Like the commercial, “Anong mabibili mo sa Php 20 mo?” A cornetto ice cream? Cellphone load perhaps?" 

How about change your life for Php 20? Is it possible? Of course YES! Basta think of your goals and dreams in life, remember “Kung walang tyaga, walang nilaga”.

We just started this week and promised ourselves that every week we will deposit the money in our bank account. Maliit man sya pero at least meron kesa wala, tama ba ko? Malayo man sya sa #FirstMillionChallenge pero hindi naman sya malayo para sa mga pangarap namin.

Let’s see if we can make it until the end of this year, pag successful then we shall continue this challenge in the following years. How about you? Can you accept this kind of challenge? 
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