Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Baby Bunso First Baby Photos (3D/4D – Baby Ultrasound Company)

We had our 3D/4D ultrasound for Baby Bunso last Saturday at Baby Ultrasound Company at Robinson's Manila, this is also where we had Rhian's 3D/4D Ultrasound last November 2013. We are very satisfied with their service and I promise to myself na pag may baby number 3 na 5 years from now, dito ko parin pipiliin magpa 4D ultrasound.

Anyway, I texted the store 2 days before our preferred schedule about the procedure and got immediate response from them. Mas okay kasi ang nagpapa schedule ahead of time kesa mag walk-in since super daming nagpapa ultrasound and consult during weekends. We arrived at the place 30 minutes before our scheduled time so we opted to stroll around the mall while waiting. At exactly 1:45pm, it's time to see our baby bunso!!!

I am 31 weeks and 4 days that time and according to the sonologist, it's the best time to do the procedure. Malaki na kasi si baby by that time plus the fact na marami na syang movements. Perfect! By the way, we got the Gold Package worth Php 3,300.00 (same with Rhian before) which includes 3D/4D Fetal Imaging Session, 6 Superior Quality Colored Photos, 1 CD Copy containing images of the baby slideshow and Gender determination if requested plus FREE rescan if gender could not be determined and if the baby is non-cooperative during the time of scan. They also have different packages to choose from for a low as Php 1,500 up to Php 4,300.00. You may visit their website for more details.

Okay so let me continue what happened during the session, together with my husband, Rhian and Tita Grace we are all excited to meet baby bunso and see what's going on inside my tummy. The sonologist had a hard time to see our baby bunso's face, pano malapit sya sa tahi ko and laging nakasubsob ang mukha sa placenta so what they did was they press my tummy para lumayo sya sa placenta ko and mag change ng position, but they failed. MaCUTElit talaga sya. Here are some of Baby Bunso's photos. Sorry, ayaw nya talagang humarap eh.

And since mahiyain and ayaw magpakita ng face tulad ng ate nya, our sonologist advise me to walk and eat something na makakapagpa active sa kanya. So my husband and I opted to had our merienda at Chowking, siopao at halo-halo order ko para malamigan si Baby Bunso at magbago ang position. Hihi. and after 1 hour balik na kami sa Ultrasound. We want to finish our transaction within the day para di na kami bumalik, so before I enter the room kinausap ko na si Baby Bunso to participate and show her face. Buti nalang mabait na sya and naki-cooperate na sa amin. So here's another set of her pacute facial expression.

Baby Bunso is so sleepy

Pouty Lips

Priceless Smile :)

Are you hungry na baby bunso?

You really look like your Ate!

Look at her, she's so big. Yes! Mas malaki at mas mataba sya compare kay Rhian. I don't know what happened to me this past few months but 1 thing for sure, ang sarap kumain at matulog lang. Upon looking at these pictures, hawig na hawig sila ni Rhian the only difference is may dimples daw si Baby Bunso according to the sonologist, Yehey!

Now, can you imagine how excited we are to meet our Baby Bunso. We will be seeing her next month! Yes! Ang bilis ng panahon, next month na sya lalabas and guess what, ka birth month pa sya ng Daddy nya. So I'm asking you to include me and Baby Bunso in your prayers ha, to have a safe delivery. Thank you in advance guys! Mwah!

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