Mommy Diaries: Our Baby Bunso Legal Name is.....

Okay before that, let's have a guessing game. Can you guess Baby Bunso's Real Name?

Naming your baby is so much fun, challenging and one of the most important tasks you will ever undertake because your child will have this name for their whole life and it is your first gift to your child so parents, make it something special. If you are not 100% happy with the name you have in mind, it may affect you and your child for a lifetime. Believe me. So again, DON’T commit yourself to the first name that you’ll find.

Before I got pregnant with Rhian, my husband and I have already decided long ago and now that we have baby number 2 it’s so hard for us to gave her name. I don’t know but we just decided her full name recently when I am almost 7 months. We always call our 2nd baby as “Baby Bunso” but now we have a perfect name for her.

This is our personal and mutual decision, here’s our simple explanation behind her name.

Rhaine – We wanted to be consistent, we want all our kids to have a first name that starts with letter “R”. Syempre R ang start ng letter namin mag asawa. Hihi (Rhoderick Ian and Rackell)

Note:  We just shuffle Rhian’s first name and add letter “E”

Sophia – This name was suggested by my husband. I guess he loves the Disney show “Sofia The First”. Haha. But seriously speaking, we chose this name because Sophia means “Wisdom” from the Greek and was used by European Royalty in the Middle Ages.  This is also one of the most popular girl’s name in 2014 which ranked #3.

So from now on, we opted to call our Baby Bunso on her real name, 


So to all soon-to-parents out there, be creative, be unique, keep searching, talked to your husband until you both find a perfect name that you truly like and most important start with the positive names.

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