The Big Chill

Even before I got pregnant, my mission is to find a healthy and fresh drinks and one of my favorite is Mango Shake in Fruitas. Oh I love Mango! Mapa hinog man yan o hilaw basta mango, walang kawala sakin. Hehe. 

When we decided to celebrate our 15th wedding monthsary last October 24, I was craving for some fresh shake that night. Grabe as in naglalaway na ko sa shake! Waahh.. We passed by The Big Chill in Glorietta and told my husband that I want to try their Mango Shake, hirap kasi kung pupunta pa kaming G4 para bumili sa Fruitas alam nyo naman, hirap akong maglakad lakad. Anyway, Ian ordered for watermelon shake while I chose my all-time favorite – Mango Shake!

Mango Mania (Regular) Php 65.00 / Watermelon Cooler (Tall) Php 85.00

Oh, I love the freshness of this drink. The staff is so generous to put lots of ripe mangoes and watermelon in the blender, but as per my husband his watermelon shake is not sweet at all, it was kinda bland and no one beats the fruit shakes that we tasted in MOA. Waaahh.. #choosymasyado Buti nalang at di nag ayang pumunta sa MOA para lang sa shake. Haha.

Having a healthy lifestyle is good to your health. So make sure to drink at least 1 cup of fresh fruit juice a day.