Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Hello Third Trimester

Yahoo.. Few more months to go I will see our little princess. I’m so excited! Today, I am now officially on my 7 months of pregnancy, ilang tumbling nalang January 2014 na. Since my due date is finally just around the corner and I’m so eager to hold my baby in my arms and at the same time nervous about giving birth too - Mixed emotions should I say.

This trimester is filled with excitement for things to come and at the same time all about preparing for our baby We can have fun stocking up on baby clothes and equipment, arrange our nursery room, file my maternity notification in SSS, list down our upcoming expenses etc. But you know what, I think our baby is so excited to see the world, baby wag muna next year ka pa lalabas. Our baby kicks so hard, as in sa gabi sya gising and I got teary eyed whenever my husband talked to our baby. Hayz! Iba talaga feeling pag sumasagot si baby sa mga questions namin, because according to my OB our baby can now hear our voice and talking to her is a great way to start our bonding process. Actually, ever since I got pregnant I always talked to my baby and shares my secret wishes with her. I also make sure that she hears classical music every day and now I’m thinking of reading a book or magazine aloud or singing my favorite song to her. Well, talking to babies is one of the best ways to help them develop language skills.

As I enter the third trimester, I need so much energy as my body continues to grow and change. As of this moment, I started to feel tired, aches and pains especially on my back. Maybe because I am much bigger today as I weigh 142 pounds or 65.5 kilos.. OMG! Ang bigat ko na talaga! But I have no choice but to face it, I know this is for my baby kaya lahat dapat tiisin.

All I need to think is that by next year, someone will call me “MOMMY”. Yipee!!! So for now, I need to make myself comfortable, happy and just follow the safety guidelines to face the exciting third trimester. Even my body is so tired; my mind will rest easier knowing that it is all a part of bringing baby into the world.