Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Rhian’s First Baby Photos (3D/4D – Baby Ultrasound Company)

Weeehhh.. I’m so excited to write about our 3D/4D experience for our Little Princess. It’s all worth it! Anyway, my husband and I have wanted to have Rhian’s picture taken in 4D for a long time, since there is no 4D packages in Makati Med we decided to try Baby Ultrasound Company in Robinson’s Manila. Our first option is the In My Womb in The Link Landmark but after comparing their packages, Baby Ultrasound is much cheaper.

3D/4D Ultrasound isn’t really necessity, but highly recommended. J This procedure was able to produce fine images and video of your baby moving in the womb in full color. O db super nakakaexcite yun, makita in advance ang face ng baby mo.. This experience in one of the things that you will never forget as the whole can be recorded on CD, DVD and printed as glossy photos to treasure forever.

I called Baby Ultrasound to make a reservation but according to them, they accept walk-in clients. The staff also told me that the best time to have this procedure done is at 28-31 weeks, and I’m already 29 weeks by the time of our schedule ultrasound. Perfect! As we review their packages, we opted to get the Gold DVD Package at Php 3,300 come with a 3D/4D Fetal Imaging session, 6 superior quality colored photos, 1 CD-ROM containing images of your baby, 1 DVD recording of baby moving in the womb set to music with 3D slideshow, Gender Determination (if requested) and FREE rescan if gender could not be determined and if the baby is non-cooperative during the time of scan, this is a good deal already.

We got a peel at our baby’s face via 3D/4D ultrasound last November 9, Ian and I were so excited to see our little princess but she’s such a camera-shy, the nurse kept on poking my tummy to wake her up but you know what my baby were pretty annoyed. Look at this picture! (By the way, the ultrasound room has huge TV so we were really able to enjoy watching our baby girl inside my tummy.)

Nakasimangot na si Rhian.. Hihi. 

Sometimes, Rhian was hiding her face in with her little hands that’s why we couldn't get a good look, but we just wait for another minutes if Rhian would move a lot. We never give up! So here are some of her pa-cute pictures.

Our little girl gave us a beautiful smile. I think she knew we were looking at her.
Hikab Hikab rin pag may time.. :)

According to the sonologist/nurse who assists us during the procedure, our baby was already tired. The placenta and umbilical cord were floating around my baby’s face. Okay, flashback…. Before we went to Baby Ultrasound, we had to go in Sucat for Sabina’s christening, then after that went to Makati Med for my monthly check-up and proceed to Robinson’s Manila. Okay, kasalanan ko na super dami naming pinuntahan kaya for sure pagod na si baby. Sorry baby!

The sonologist advise us to come back after a week for free re-scan, for sure by that time our baby is more cooperative and just make sure that I can feel her movements more. So last Friday, after my OGTT test we decided to visit Baby Ultrasound again to see our baby’s movement. I wrote my name in their list and opted to take our late lunch, gutom na gutom na ko since almost 14 hours na kong walang food and drinks, huhu.. #fasting. We had our late lunch at Gerry’s Grill and proceed to Baby Ultrasound after. Unfortunately, as the sonologist check our baby she’s not cooperating. Waaahh.. Dinidikit nya face nya sa placenta ko to cover her beautiful face. Naku naman anak.. We found out that you’re not supposed to eat and drink before getting the ultrasound because for sure our baby will go to sleep when I’m full. Waahhh…

We have no choice but to walk around the mall to wake up my little princess, gising baby! I’m so tired that day so I asked my husband to buy me some ice cream, for sure gigising si baby kasi malalamigan. After almost 2 hours, we go back at Baby Ultrasound to check for baby rhian. Finally, we got to see our baby’s face clear. Wohooo!!!!

Chubby Cheeks :)

We were already happy and cried up with what we saw. We’re in love with our little princess. The OB told us that she looks exactly like my husband. Waaahhh.. NO!!!! Ako kamukha ni baby.. Hehe.

Ian and I are so happy and grateful to have our baby girl. She’s healthy, beautiful baby growing inside of me. Here's our little baby girl. Isn't she just adorable?


Oopppss.. Our singing baby, with matching saludo pa ha. Pakitang gilas ka Rhian ha. Good Job!

Finally we have our baby’s first ever video, and you know what we watch it every day because it takes all our worries and problems away. Will post her video soon.

It was such a wonderful experience of having a first glimpse of our child even before she is born. We’re so excited to meet her in a couple of months, 2 months should I say. We love you baby rhian!