Our Journey Towards Parenthood: First Letter to Baby Rhian

Dear Baby Rhian, we are so glad to have you. You know what, I have loved you from the start; you are a tiny miracle lying closely to my heart. You are growing inside me and you have caused me some uneasiness, yes you baby! From heartburn and shortness of breath to sleepless nights even those whacked-out emotions, ika nga ng daddy mo sobra sobra ang pagka mood swing ko.. Thankfully most of it has stopped.  Baby, you’re getting bigger each day. It’s still hard to believe your inside me! You’re my little girl, growing in me. What a miracle!

You have made such a big change to our life baby. We promise to keep you safe, to protect you from all you may fear. Your presence is being waited, the time is coming near. Mommy will be strong for you, just hold on baby. I might be a little scared but I know everything will be okay because God is with us and there are so many people praying for us. It’s okay with me if you kick too hard and do crazy acrobats in my tummy at least I know you’re fine. Each day I sense your presence, each day you quickly grow, each day I hear your heart beat is the most precious moment with you.  

You have filed our life with joy with your little kicks and your heart beat that we hear. What a blessing! We will keep this moment as a special way and remember this as a very special time of our life.  As we wait for your arrival, you daddy kisses and touches you every day. Always waiting for you to move and when you finally do, his face light up with joy. Kung makikita mo lang mukha ni daddy mo for sure mapapangiti ka rin tulad ko.  You know baby, his love for you is unconditional and true, believe me.  

Your life will bring so much joy in our family and I can’t believe that we are making a family of our own with a loving mother, father and a healthy baby girl! Daddy and Mommy love you so much! You are the greatest blessing that God gave to us.

I’m waiting ‘til January 2014 though, to give you more time to grow. So for the meantime, just relax and enjoy in my tummy ha. We love you our little girl. See you soon!

With love,

Mommy RN