Our Journey Towards Parenthood: 24 weeks

As of today, I really enjoy my pregnancy. My baby moves so much, as in super likot nya and what more exciting is that she replied on whatever questions we asked by means of kicking.

Me – Sinong love ni mommy?
Baby Rhian – (Kicks)

Ian – Sinong love ni daddy?
Baby Rhian – (Kicks again)

Me – Sino ba baby namin? Sino ba si baby rhian?
Baby Rhian – (Kicks so hard with matching waves)

I’m so happy because every day I can feel her, alam na nya pag papasok kami and pag uuwi na kami. I told my officemates that when the clock reaches 5pm, my tummy gets hurt. Alam na ni baby na uuwi na kami kaya nagsisiksik na sya sa isang tabi ng tyan ko. Waahh.. My baby loves classical music, as in she moves like she’s dancing inside my tummy whenever she hears her favorite songs. Basta ang sarap lang ng feeling, it’s priceless and unexplainable. Now, I’m so excited to see my little princess and I can’t wait for January 2014 to come.

My husband took me lots of photos yesterday. Natuwa ata sya kasi lumalaki na tyan ko meaning our baby is growing up so fast. So sharing with you my recent profile picture with 62 likes in FB and counting..

@ 24 weeks

Sabi nila Buddha daw, sabi ko naman.. Gandang Buddha naman nyan. :p Look, my baby participates in our photoshoot. Di sya sumakit and I really felt that she enjoy so much! Mukhang magkakaroon kami ng anak na artista ha. Hehe.