Certified Wife Cooked: Mango Refrigerated Cake

Who want’s ice cream cake? Raise your hands!

Well, aside from the main dish that I cooked for my husband, I also prepared desserts for us. Since we have no any plans to go out last Saturday, I decided to prepare something special for my loving husband. Naks!
This is dish is one of the most popular and in-demand desserts which everybody can do it. It’s so simple and easy to prepare plus I can assure you that the taste is awesome!  


4 pcs of ripe mangoes (sliced)
2 packs of 250ml Nestle all-purpose cream
2 cans of 300ml Condensed Milk
2 packs of 200 grams M.Y San Graham

  1. In a large bowl, combine condensed milk and nestle all-purpose cream. (Much better if you chilled the all-purpose cream to thicken the mixture) 
  2. Arrange a layer of graham crackers in a pan or any container of your choice. 
  3. Fill the spaces with crushed grahams. 
  4. Pour half of the cream mixture on top of the arrange graham crackers and spread until the crackers all well covered. 
  5. Add in the mangoes on top of the mixtures (you may slice the mangoes in half to make it thinner). 
  6. Place another layer of graham crackers over the mangoes.
  7. Pour-in the remaining mixture over the second layer of graham crackers and spread evenly.
  8. Again, top the mixture with the remaining mangoes.
  9. Repeat loading the grahams, cream mixtures and mangoes until you reach the top of the pan. You may choose to spread mangoes on top of the cream mixtures if you want.
  10. Refrigerate overnight. 
  11. Serve for dessert. Share and Enjoy! 
Well, aside from Mango you can also try peaches, fruit cocktail or any fruits that you wish. Believe me, your family will like it! ^__^