Another Productive and Fulfilling Saturday

Hello Readers! How are you? Hope you’re doing fine like me. How’s your long weekend? If you have time, share it with me and I will be glad to hear your stories. Anyway, I just want to share with you our weekend activity and I’m so happy to say that we had a very productive Saturday.

First, I was scheduled for another ultrasound at Makati Medical Center. We arrived a bit late so we’re not surprised when we saw lots of people in the room. I filled up the form and wait for my number to be call out. We waited for almost 1 and half hours for my turn and happy to say that everything was okay. Meaning, healthy and super active ni baby when my OB doctor conduct the test. Her heart rate is 140/beats per minute which is a sign of good and normal, my amniotic fluid is okay as well as my placenta is already anterior high-lying (grade II). What funny is that when my OB do the 4D scan, aba ayaw humarap ni baby, suplada.. As in nakatalikod sya, sumilip sya isang beses pero biglang tumalikod ulit.. Waahh.. Pinasabik lang kami ng daddy nya.. (will post the whole detail soon)

After my ultrasound, we had our lunch at Burger king in Makati Med and proceeds to my OB’s clinic. I was also schedule for monthly check up that time. I’m so happy because everything is okay. No need for additional medicines, I just need to control my food intake. Right after my check-up, my husband drops me off to David Salon for my haircut while he went home for a minute to get the vouchers for the free massage.

On the afternoon, we went to Makati Ave to do ocular visit for my upcoming baby shower. Yipee!!!Excited much! Then, we proceed to the Pampered Nails and Body for my husband’s Free Whole Body Massage. Wow! Ingit much! So habang nag rerelax ang asawa ko, naghihntay ako sa lobby while watching Despicable Me.

Right after the massage, we decided to visit and try again Sarsa Kitchen and Bar. Siguro naman by 6pm unti palang nakapila for dinner and since matagal ng nag crave yung asawa ko sa isaw, nag tyaga kami pumila at maghintay for almost 1 hour. (will post separate review for Sarsa).

After dinner, my mom called and asks me if we can fetch them at MOA, of course naman bakit hindi db. Then, I told her that I was craving for JCO Donuts but hesitant to buy because of the long queue of people, but my mom told me that we can buy donuts even without fall in line. Wow! Ay uu nga pala, Senior Citizen na nanay ko and buntis ako, meaning we are priority all the time. Naks!

So that’s it pancit! A very productive and Fulfilling Saturday for both of us!