Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Baby’s First Stuffs

I’m so blessed to have generous, lovable and loyal friends. They are so excited for our 1st baby to come out, halos kulang nalang hilahin nila yung January 2014 para lumabas na si baby eh. Hehe. Yes! Ganon sila ka excited! Well, I’m so touched with the concern they always show to us. Thank you friends!

Since all of you know that my family especially my mom believe in superstitions, since the day we prepare for our big day until the day of our wedding, super duper daming pamahiin to the highest level. And now that we’re having our 1st baby which is also their first grandchild on both side of the family, my mom is super duper worried about me and my little princess. I know the feeling that she’s so concern, of course anak nya ko eh and I really appreciate it but sometimes too much pamahiin makes us more worried because we need to be extra careful on the things we’re doing. One thing that makes me bother most is when she told me not to buy baby’s stuff not until I reach my 8 months. What?! Mom, that’s too late! Because for sure mahirap na kong maglakad lakad nun and budget wise it is best to purchase baby stuffs the moment you already distinguished your baby’s gender. We already knew our baby’s gender the last time I had my ultrasound on my 4th month.

The moment we saw our healthy baby girl, hubby and I are so excited to buy her stuffs. Super sarap kayang mamili ng gamit ng baby especially pag girl.. Kikayness db and masarap bihisan. But my mom reminds me about her pamahiin in buying baby’s things not unless someone will provide you or give you baby’s stuffs. O kita mo, pag bili hindi pwede pero pag bigay pwede. Waah.. Okay Mom. You’re the Boss.

So last Sept 8, when we attended to our friend’s wedding I got surprised when the host called my name and told me that I won on the games. Huh? E di naman ako sumali sa laro ha pano nangyari yun? Then, the bride who is my newest friend told me that I won because I was the 1st person to confirm that I am going to her big day. Haha. Ganon pala yun, kung baga early bird ang peg ko..Hehe.  Anyway, here are the prizes that I won.

Thank You Mr. and Mrs. JA Talampas

A week after, I received a text message from another dear friend and asking for my office address. Jack told me that she has something for me. Hhhhmmm.. I thought it was her homemade cheesecake but surprisingly, when I open the package I saw some baby stuffs. Ayyiii… It’s so cute! Lalo tuloy akong na excite kay baby and mamili ng gamit.

 I love my Daddy ^_^
Thanks Ninang Jack for these cute items.

Being surrounded by true friends is like winning in lottery. Money can’t buy happiness and the moment you feel that you’re important to them and they appreciate you so much, I swear! It is the best feeling that you should be proud of. Thank you Lord for giving us these kinds of people who love and support us no matter what happens. Thank you!