Daddy’s Peace Offering

When I marry my husband 14 months ago, it feels like I am a Queen. Every day is a sweet learning process living with each other and our weekday mornings make half of me want to go to work full of inspiration while the other half of me just wants to stay at home with him.

Ours is not a perfect relationship, it has ups and down. I know every married couple also encounter some misunderstanding that lead sometimes to a big fight. So far, I’m proud to say that we haven’t experience a big fight and hopefully, if this thing will happen to us, I know God will lead us in the right way. As they say, you will not totally know your partner not until you live in one roof, even if you’re together for almost a decade it is so much different when you are married. We've been together for 6 years before we get married, there are times that I realized that Ian is so different during our bf/gf moments and now that he’s my husband. Well, I will not enumerate it one by one; I don’t want to say negative words against my husband because like me he’s not a perfect person and no one is perfect always remember that. But if you will ask me, I love his attitude now especially the way he treats me. Advantage rin ata kasi buntis ako.. Hehe.

Anyway, we had petty quarrel last week and for the first time I seek for our ninang’s advice on what to do. I don’t want to cry because it will affect our baby and I need to calm down and control my emotions. (Remember, all pregnant women experience hormonal change during this period). I follow all her advice and pray to the Lord for his guidance before I sleep. Our ninang promised me that she will talk to my husband the following day. So fast forward.. I usually at home before 6pm, relax and have some quality time with my baby before I prepare our dinner, that day I’m so upset because we’re still not okay. Hayz! But after few hours, my husband arrived. He kissed me and my tummy then he handed me this box of cookies.

Simple act but I almost cry because I really appreciate his effort. He said “I’m sorry” and I reply “Sorry accepted”. That very moment, I really felt that our baby is also happy because she keeps on moving inside my tummy. Siguro sinasabi ni baby habang nagtatatalon, “Yehey, bati na sila mommy and daddy”. Hehe.

While lying on our bed, we talked about what happened to us and promise not to do it again anymore. We need to be more patient with each other especially during these days. I need him to support me more for I encounter physical and emotional changes due to my pregnancy. I really Thank God for guiding our marriage and for our Ninang Lei who shows her support during this adjustment period.