Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Top 10 Questions About My Pregnancy

Pregnancy is exciting, but it is also emotionally overwhelming, uncomfortable and possibly sickening. Happy to say that I’m so healthy since the day I found that I’m pregnant - No morning sickness at all. Thank You Lord.

Ever since I got pregnant, there are lots of questions/queries that everyone always asked me. So I write the top 10 questions about my pregnancy, para naman di ko na uulit ulitin sagutin yung mga questions nyo. Hehe.

10. Question: How did you know that you’re pregnant?
      Answer:   When I was schedule for another ultrasound for follicle monitoring. For more details click here.

9. Question: How many months you plan to have a baby?
    Answer:    Actually, our plan is to get pregnant after our 1st wedding anniversary. But since God gave us this wonderful gift 3 months before our anniversary, we’re so happy! This is a blessing! Super Thankful talaga kami dahil di na kami pinahirapan pa ni God na magkababy kasi alam namin yung ibang couples nahihirapan mag conceived. Simple tip, just believe in God!

8. Question: Too personal to ask, pero saan nyo ginawa si baby? Hehe.
    Answer:    Hahaha.. I remember one of my closest friend ask me this question, serious pa sya sa pagtatanong when she found out that I’m pregnant! Well, gawang bahay si baby! TAPOS! Hehe.

7. Question: Anong pinaglilihian mo? (Cravings)
    Answer:    Hhhhmmm.. Actually, wala naman akong pinaglilihian. But as far as I remember, during my 1st trimester I really want to eat burger! Not just an ordinary burger but gusto ko yung sa Burger Machine with matching coleslaw pa. I already tried BK,MCDO, Jollibee, Wendy’s, Army Navy but still I really love BM. As in! Also, I think napaglihian ko asawa ko, because I really want him to be with me all the time! As in kahit na nakaupo lang kami sa sala, I want him to hug me and I keep on staring at him every time he slept.  So wag kayong magtataka, pag labas ng baby namin, hawig na hawig ng asawa ko.. Hehe.

6. Question: What do you want? Baby Boy or Baby Girl?
    Answer:    For me, I really want to have a baby boy. Why? Because wala kaming kapatid na lalaki and I really want to have a son on my 1st pregnancy. Masarap kasi pag kuya muna ang panganay then girl naman yung kasundo para quota na db. Hehe.

5. Question: What gender is your baby?
    Answer:    I’m happy to say that we’re having a healthy baby GIRL!

4. Question: What changes do you feel when you got pregnant?
    Answer:    Changes? Ay super dami as in. 1st, naging x10 yung pagiging moody and sentimental ko, to the point na minsan umiiyak ako for no reason.. Oh well, I think because of the hormonal change. 2nd pee more than 20 times per day. As in ganon kadami kung pumunta ako sa CR, normal naman daw yun according to my OB. 3rd, medyo hirap na kong magsleep lately kasi super hirap humanap ng position na comfortable si baby. Usually, she’s so active during night as in magalaw sya every time na  mag sleep na ko, but I’m so happy because I know she’s healthy.

3. Question: Hindi ka naman hirap magbuntis?
    Answer:    Hhhhmm.. hindi naman, actually di ko nga alam na 1 month preggy na pala ako last may. Hehe. I didn't experience morning sickness such as nausea and vomiting. Di rin ako mapili sa food kaya swerte ng asawa ko, di ko sya pinahirapan pa. Hehe.

2. Question: When is your expected delivery date?
    Answer:    My expected delivery date is on January 26, 2014. But according to my research, I can deliver our baby 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the expected delivery date.

1. Question: What is the name of your baby?
    Answer:    Hhhhmm.. Even before we found out that I was pregnant, we already have the names for our future kids. We even separate names for girls and boys. But since we’re having a cute little princess, her name is RHIAN KELLE LUMBERIO VILLAREAL.

Rhian comes from my husband’s full name (RHoderick IAN) while Kelle comes from me (RacKELL).

I think I already answered all your questions about my pregnancy. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to send me PM or leave a comment and I promise to give you quick and accurate response.