'Cue Modern Barbecue

Aside from lunch out, my husband also treat me for dinner during his birthday. This time he chose to try Cue Modern Barbecue located in BGC. We rarely visit BGC because it’s too far from our workplace plus my husband always get lost whenever we attempt to stay at Global city.

We parked our car at high street and started to walk along the road. I’m not allowed to walk too far because of my pregnancy so I got irritated when we can’t find the restaurant. I even asked the security personnel where this restaurant located but he’s not familiar with the place. Ggggrrr… Until I decided to ask for another security personnel on the other side, finally he was able to point out where Cue Modern Barbecue is located. Thank God!

The restaurant was empty when we arrived and a very courteous and good looking server approaches us. The place offers a simple yet cozy casual restaurant that offers American cuisine. I love the cool and comfy interiors of this restaurant which is would describe as quirky-elegant. The place itself was neat, clean and arranged well. The bar and kitchen can be found at the left side of the restaurant.

We take the couch seat with varieties of wine on front view. I also love the bulbs dangling nicely from the ceiling. Some people who really love to unwind visit this restaurant; it’s a perfect place to dine in after a stressful day at work.

After we settled on the couch, we were given this complimentary bowl of freshly popped barbecue flavored popcorn as our appetizer.  Well, I liked it so much that’s why I asked for another one. Haha.  To be honest, I love restaurants that give complimentary appetizer.

Complimentary Popcorn

My husband does the research about the best seller of Cue Modern Barbecue and he found out that the Baby Back Ribs is one of their best sellers. So we order Baby Back Half Ribs which is good to share already, serve with house-made side or staple and a sauce of your wish. You can choice either Slow-baked then BBQ’D / Dry Rubbed/ House-made spice run or Slow-baked then BBQ’D /Wet / House made bbq glaze.

The meat is tender but not too soft, the flavor flooded evenly through the meat. I liked the spicier one rather than the barbecue sauce. I really guess they use only high quality cuts of meat because it so delicious.

Baby Back Half Ribs Php 645.00 + 12% VAT + SC

For the Home-made side, you can choose either sweet potato fries, crisp onion strings, buttermilk whipped potatoes, coleslaw, oven roasted broccoli and cauliflower creamed casserole, garlic butter French, just mac and cheese, maple chipotle cob of corn, bacon jalapeno corn bread, garlic creamed corn, roasted corn salsa, cue’s chili monggo.

He was craving for tacos that night so he ordered for Bone Marrow and Steak Tacos which includes roasted corn salsa, flour tortillas, sweet n’ spicy salsa verde. Well, I’m not really a fan of bone marrow but my husband loves it and they said this is a must try in this place. According to my husband bone marrow is the tastiest part of an animal which can be found in the inside their bones.

This dish comes with a generous serving of bone marrow and one of the most tender meat pieces that I've ever had. It stretched out the goodness and complemented the meat, wrapped in tacos and topped that off with corn salsa and sweet n’ spicy salsa verde. Yum Yum!

Steak Tacos Php 485.00 + 12% VAT + SC
Coke Zero Php 80.00 + 12% VAT + SC

Can you imagine, my husband ordered for another set of Tortillas. Haha. (Tortillas Php 48.00 + 12% VAT + SC) And since it’s my husband birthday, Cue Modern Barbecue handed him a slice of chocolate cake. Happy Birthday Mister!

Happy Birthday Mister!

Overall, I will give this restaurant two-thumbs up. The service is always quick, efficient and all the staffs are very courteous and articulate as to what they are serving to guests. Thanks to my husband for bringing me here and explore another prime restaurant, this time here in BGC.


'Cue Modern Barbecue
Space NELG 105, Lower Ground Floor 
Bonifacio High Street Centrale, Global City, 1201 Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Contact Numbers: 621-4052 / 0917-8992283/ 0921-2801389