Anniversary Special (Destination 4): Puzzle Mansion

We really have no plan to visit this place but since we got curious with a lot of signages leading to the Puzzle Mansion, we decided to check this place.

From the Sonya’s Garden, we followed the signs leading to the Puzzle Mansion. We really have no idea on how to get there but what we did is we trusted the signs. (Don’t worry because it can be easily found, I swear! because of the stand post with signages left and right along the way. Hehe) Take note that going to the Puzzle Mansion means travelling away from the main highway; you should be a good driver because you need to drive down the steep and winding roads.

Entering the mansion is seeing the most complete puzzle collection in the world! Wow! More than 1,000++ puzzle, Flat, wood, plastic, 3D, 4D, spherical and uniquely shape cuts puzzle all of these can be found here. There are also puzzles in different sizes, colors, themes and dimensions. Mrs. Gina Gil-Lacuna, 60++ years old and a retired businesswoman is the owner of the world’s largest collection of jigsaw puzzle.  This is the only puzzle museum in the world and currently holding the Guinness Book Of World Records for the largest collection of puzzles. The size of her collection beat the old record held by Brazil’s Luiza Figueiredo, who reigned for two years.

No. of pieces - 1,000 pieces;  Completion Time - 13 hours 
This puzzle of the Mona Lisa is the popular photo-op for guests according to Mrs. Gina. 

The Ambiance of the mansion can instantly provide visual interest for guests. It has rows and rows of puzzle to look and admire and each passage and wall was filled with hanged frames of finished puzzles in different sizes and forms. Well, according to her she only took her hobby to another level. OMG! I can't imagine that completing a puzzle with that many pieces, aabot na cguro sa 1k grado ng mata ko pag nagkataon.. Waahh.. But according to Ms. Gina, completing a puzzle is highly therapeutic and fulfilling too! By the way, we were lucky to meet Mrs. Gina up close and personal.

With the world record holder, Ms. Gina Gil-Lacuna!

What I love about the puzzle mansion was the tour conducted by her staff or by Mrs. Gina herself. Unfortunately, TV5 was also there for interview with Mrs. Gina that’s why one of her staff assists us during our tour. It’s okay at least we finally met in person the holder of Guinness Book of World’s Record. Clap Clap Clap!

The first puzzle she created: 5,000 pcs for 70 hours to complete.
3D Puzzle of animals and cartoon characters were so fun.

The Keith Haring Ravensburger set which is the world’s largest and hardest in existence which consists of 32,000 pcs was already completed by Mrs. Gina, another addition to her collection. Amazing, isn’t it? Indeed, she really deserves the recognition by the Guinness World Record. We know how hard it is to put every single piece in the right place, now can you imagine how Mrs. Gina did all the 1,000+ puzzles and counting by herself. Unbelievable! She is a wonderful woman.

This place is so unique because it boasts the largest collection of jigsaw puzzle in the whole world. plus it serves an inspiration for us and I believe that every visitor of her museum will also do. This is highly recommended as one of the places to see in Tagaytay. It is another worthwhile experience. Congratulations Mrs. Gina and I really hope for more puzzles to come.

 - There is a Php 100.00 entrance fee for the maintenance of the Mansion.
 - Aside from jigsaw puzzle collection, the Mansion also has the 11-room bed and breakfast amenities such as a swimming pool and function room.
- They also sell puzzles on the second floor.

The Puzzle Mansion
Brgy. Asisan, Tagaytay City, Philippines
T: (+632) 661 0019
C: (+63905) 225 0229