Our Journey Towards Parenthood: 10 weeks

In the next few weeks, I will enter 2nd trimester. According to my friends, if 1st trimester is the most crucial stage in pregnancy, 2nd trimester is the most exciting one since it is usually called as “honeymoon period” and also great for travelling as long as you take a few precautions.

Last Saturday, I had my ultrasound at Makati Med, I’m so excited because I will see my baby again. I want to see any updates about my baby, kung malaki na ba sya, kung marerecognized ko na ba yung head nya, etc. So I went at the hospital alone as early as 10am, unfortunately super daming tao sa ultrasound room. (Note: Nasa driving class si hubby)

Ultrasound is not covered in Maxicare or in any health card that’s why I need to pay it in cash. Can you imagine Php 2,300.00 for transvi ultrasound.. Waaahhh.. Expensive right? But as long as I am comfortable with the doctors and equipment, it’s fine with me.

My OB is also my sonography doctor, di na ko naghanap pa ng iba since lahat ng records ko nasa kanya and alam nya history ko since pagka dalaga ko. My name was called around 11:20am, viola! By 11:26am, I saw my baby again!

Doctora -  Here’s your baby..
Me – (teary eyes) Wow! Laki na nya doc.
Doctora – Yes, eto yung head nya, yung paa nya and yung kamay nya (pointing on the screen)
Me – (Speechless)
Doctora – Hello Mommy, I’m moving.. Look, I have tiny feet and hands na.

To tell you the truth, teary eyes na naman ako.. Sayang wala si hubby para Makita nya kung gano na kalikot si baby. After that, I heard my baby’s heartbeat again and it was beating really well. Very Good Baby!

Our next ultrasound will be on my September. By that time, I am already 5 months pregnant, Yehey! malalaman na gender ni baby. Hhhhmm.. Boy or Girl? Let’s see!