Davao Adventure Day 2: Maxima Aqua Fun

I’m so sorry for the super duper late post, alam nyo naman di pwedeng mapagod at magpuyat ang buntis.. Haha. (no more excuses) After 1 month of bed rest, finally I’m back to work. Of course, I need to work for money lalo na ngayon magastos ang buntis. Hehe. Anway, I just want share the continuation of our Davao adventure last March. Waahhh.. 4 months ago pa pala yun, but I promise to be in detail as much as I remember.

Our 1st day in Davao was really tiring but super fun, so we continue our quest at Maxima Aqua Fun on day 2. I could still remember our visit here, wow! It was really fun and one of a kind adventure. From Chateau Veronica, we rode on a L300 Van and proceed at Sta. Ana Wharf, from there we take our MV Maxima IV Shuttle to Maxima Aquafun Resort. I guess, we only take 30 minutes from port to the resort.

Our group inside water taxi 

Upon reaching the resort, the unique giant tarpaulin slides welcome us. Wow! Kailangan masubukan yan para sulit ang pagpunta sa Davao. Of course, di kumpleto ang araw ng walang picture picture.. 

Happy Couple! :) 
Giant Slide! 

Our adventure starts as we walk down a number of steps just to reach the picnic tables, nakakapagod but when you’re already reach the top you will be amazed! What a breathtaking view.

We settled for a view, and decided to roam around the resort until we saw trampoline. All of us tried it, Yes! Para kaming mga bata! Here's kiddo's turn.  

Kiddos had fun with it anyway.
Papahuli ba naman ako? Syempre, HINDI! Haha!

Maxima Fun Resort also offered a canopy walk which is included in our package, so after tiring ourselves with the trampoline, we decided to try canopy walk. Usapan, walang aatras! Lahat gagawin at susubukan, ganyan ka GAME mga kasama namin.  Hehe.

The Girls! 
The Boys!

Before you reach the activity place for canopy walk, you need 70 more or less steps. Waaahh.. Adventure nga naman, but again, it’s okay because we really enjoyed the view. We decided to divide our group in to 2 with 5 members, so for the 1st group who will try the canopy walk are Ian, Jandi, Mark, Gen and Eli. I belong to the 2nd group with Renz, Jean, Roan and Olyn.
Halata bang pagod? :p
1st Group 
Tapang ni Honey ha!
Group Shot!
Group 2! 
Group shot! 
Halata bang kinakabahan ako?
Finally, we conquered our fear of heights! Wohooo!!!!

Since it’s already lunch time when we finished our canopy walk, we opted to take our lunch first and continue our adventure. (Note: Staffs are also having lunch from 12nn-1pm, meaning no one is allowed to slide during that time)
 Happy Eating!

Wearing of life vest is strictly implemented here when trying any kind of water activities - from the swimming, to the thrilling giant slide and to other exciting water activities like kayaking, snorkeling, banana boat ride, etc. 

We're ready to conquer our fear again!

These photos were taken by one of the guys who worked at the resort. For only P60, they can take an unlimited number of photos of you, as many times as you go on the slide or diving. They can use your water-resistant camera, if you have one. If you don’t, you can give them your memory card like what we did and they’ll use their own camera. You then choose your favorite among your photos, and they’ll print a copy for you. Amazing!

One Straight Line! 

After few minutes in water, we decided to try the giant slide! Wow! It was really scary, imagining the height and the deep blue sea. The life guard said that the water was hundreds of feet deep, but he guaranteed us that it’s pretty safe, that’s why everyone is required to wear a life vest.

This giant slide is approximately 40 meter long and it usually takes ten seconds before one gets thrown from the top of the slide to the ocean. Water is hosed down on the Giant Slide to help you slide down, so imagine kung gano kabilis yun..

And now to the moment of truth! Waahh.. Jandi comes first, followed by Ian and Gen. When it’s my turn, my hands were shaking. Nahihiya na nga kao sa mga nasa likod ko kc parang gusto na nila mauna.. I was so scared but I want to try this giant slide, I was so paranoid that time, baka malunod ako, then the guide told me, “Mam, safe po yan, may life vest po kayo and meron pong life guard na naghihintay sa inyo sa baba”, but still I can’t control my nervous. After few minutes of trying to relax, I found myself at the edge of the slide and the last thing that I heard is “Okay mam, 1..2..3..” and then kuya push me down.. Waaaahhh…. To tell you honestly, it was the one of the scariest and craziest but super duper thrilling activity that I have experienced! I bring out the best scream I can ever give! Unfortunately, I swallowed waters and some of waters entered my nose, lumubog kc muna ako bago ako lumutang.. I immediately grab kuya’s hand for safety, sobrang takot ko kaya, but promise super sarap ng feeling. So if you want to try this giant slides, don’t forget to bring tons of courage. (Sorry, wala kaming pictures.. boooo..)

After our thrilling giant slide, we went to the other side of the resort where Roan and Olyn are preparing for their 1st diving experience. Actually, gusto rin ni Ian mag dive, but I declined, not because I’m scared but because of our tight budget. Maybe on our next adventure nalang. Haha.

Are you ready guys?   
Good Luck Olyn and Roan!

Around 4pm, we decided to take shower only to be disappointed because their restroom was a bit of smelly and sometimes run out of water supply. Booooo.. But overall, we really had great time here even there is no shoreline to relax, instead they just have giant slides, diving board, trampoline and canopy walk consumed our day, it was still fun and the fact that you are with your friends is another reason why we enjoyed our stay at Maxima Aqua Fun plus I had experience the nerve-wrecking tarpaulin slide. O db san ka pa. Excitement + Joy + Fear + Anxiety + Fun + Adventure = One of a kind experience!

All photos grab from Mark, Renz, Ian, Olyn, Gen, Jean and Roan