Poco Deli

February 20, 2013 4:28PM I got a text message from my husband.

Ian – Dinner tayo mamaya sa labas honey.
RN – Hhhmm.. Bakit? May kasalanan ka sakin noh.
Ian – Grabe naman. Nagyaya lang may kasalanan na agad. Hindi ba pwedeng dahil sweet ako..
RN – Hhhhmmm.. Cge na nga, basta treat mo ha.. Hehe.

I asked my husband where he wants to eat and immediately replied “Poco Deli” in Ayala Triangle. This is the first time I heard Polo Deli, in fact I didn’t know that Ayala Triangle has a new restaurant. Medyo matagal tagal narin akong di nakakadaan sa ayala triangle kaya ganon. Hihi.

Anyway, this is my first time in Poco Deli and I’m so excited to try their specialties.  As we entered the restaurant, I was amazed how beautiful it was. The deli boast of a classic delicatessen interior and has an understated elegance with its soft lightning, roomy place oozes with charm and warmth. I can say that they have a homey ambiance and I guess it can only accommodate around 50 pax.

I like their wooden tables and bench chair; they also have a selection of wines and beers on one wall (near our table) placed in the wooden shelves. If you need assistance, a very friendly staff would gladly help you choose for a good wine that will go well with your food. There is also a sign of chalkboard menus which boast of Poco Deli’s homemade sausages.

So it’s time to place our orders, hubby chose Aglio Olio Pasta – pasta with olive oil and garlic only. The serving was so small. Kulang pa nga ata to sa isang tao eh.. Waahhh..

Aglio Olio Pasta  Php 250.00

Poco Deli has a very tempting list of sausages that’s why hubby decided to get the Wagyu Sausage Plate. The wagyu sausages are made with wagyu beef (best beef in the world) served with homemade sauerkraut and toasted bagel chips. At first bite, I can’t help myself but to say “Wow! Very Delicious I swear!”.  The sausage is so tender and juicy. Each tender bite is equipped with a bold beefy flavor.

Wagyu Sausage Plate Php 450.00

Overall, the food is great! The pasta and wagyu sausage are perfect for each other. The price is reasonable considering the quality of their offerings and of course very accessible to our location.

By the way, they also have a display of carefully-wrapped raw sausages, cakes and cupcakes!

Sorry for the poor pictures, it's impromptu date so we only used hubby's phone camera.  

Poco Deli
Unit 9, Ayala Triangle Gardens
Makati City