Coron Day 3 (Part 1) Siete Pecados

For our 3rd day in Coron, our schedule was island hopping for a second time. Yehey! Sand, Beach and Sun again plus, our thrilling barracuda lake is lined up for this day.. Wohooo! I’m soo excited super! Haha.

Siete Pecados

Our first stop is Siete Pecados, “Sietecomes from the Spanish word that means seven and denotes the number of small limestone rock formation surrounding the snorkeling area. We arrived at the area of seven islets just a few minutes after boarding our boat from town.

Our boatman switched off the boat’s motor right in the midst of the isles, Ate steph us we’re already there and started lowering the ladder down the water. Oh my! Dito talaga kami mag snorkeling? Waahhh. #dimarunonglumangoy

According to Ate Steph, Siete Pecados is a very good spot for snorkeling because of the rich marine life. The sea water is crystal clear you can actually see the corals and fishes swarming together at least 30-foot bottom from the boat without immersing in the water or while seated inside the boat. Wow!

During our visit, the current was strong, so we were advice not to go beyond the rope. (This rope is actually set-up to guide and assist the all swimmers in Siete Pecados).

Hubby and I really enjoys playing with the fish, we also feed the fishes too. It’s like swimming in a giant aquarium and it’s like a school of fishes of various species. Super dami talaga, nakakatuwa. They literally swarm over you, kinagat pa nga ako ng 1 isda eh.. Waahh.. Oopsss.. by the way, I also love the  wonderful colors of the corals which vibrant under the sun.

I regret the fact that we left our underwater camera at home. Sayang, I wasn’t able to capture everything under the sea. Booo….