Fashion 101: New Look For A Change!

I believe that 2013 is another best year for me! Although, I had some problems during the 1st month, I trust God that he has a better plan for me.

I was bored with my hair style and I want a change! Yes! Feeling ko need na ng bongang make-over! Hehe. So last Sunday which marks our 7th wedding monthsary, we decided to call it “Pamper Day Monthsary Celebration!” Why? Because we treat ourselves from morning til night.

Our 1st stop, “Foot Spa and Haircut” courtesy of David Salon. This is my first time to have my haircut at this salon and I must say that I love the way they treat their customers. I love the staffs; they are very accommodating and approachable. The stylist approaches me and asked me what kind of hair style do I like, and I simply replied “Kayo na pong bahala, kung anong bagay sakin”.  ^__^

After 30 minutes, I was surprised when I saw my hair cut! Waahh… Too short! But my stylist explained to me what she does to my hair. She even explains to me that the stylishness was based on the shape of my face and my hairline on my nape. Ah okay, cge na nga.. Hehe.

At first, my husband was laughing out loud and keep on teasing me that I look like a “ANT!” what?! ANT?! As in Langgam?! Adik lang ang asawa ko db! But after seeing the likes and good comments posted on my Facebook wall, parang bumaligtad na ang mga sinabi nya.. Haha. Keso “You look so beautiful”, “Bagay yung gupit mo”, etc.. Parang ewan lang db.. Hehe.

Anyway, so presenting to you my new look.

Outfit for the day: Yellow Corset Tops (Tiangge), Skirt (gift from Karen), Sandals (Tiangge), Bag (Sophie)

* Kindly disregard the girl at my back. (48 years bago sya umalis ng counter)
* Photo was taken at The Spa, Greenbelt