Coron Day 2 (Part 3): Banol Island

The third part of our trip! If haven’t read the first and second part yet, click the link. If not, read on! 

WARNING: This post has a LOT of AMAZING photos. ^__^

Banol Beach is a small beach perfect for a picnic that is why we headed here for our lunch. It is one of the most popular islands with finest sand at Coron.  It offers a small stretch of white powdery sand that reminds me of the sand at Station 1 at Boracay plus super crystal clear water. Remarkable!  To make it even cooler, limestone karst formation serves as a backdrop of this beach.

The view of Banol Beach being approached by the boat.

We were tired after the island hopping tour, but seeing Banol Beach was definitely worth it! Now we know why people are overflowing over Coron.  It is truly enchanting, I swear!

For our lunch, Darayonan prepared usadobong baboy, pritong isda, plain rice, pipino, bottled of water and banana. Picnic on a beautiful island! I love it!

 Our hearty lunch by the beach!

After we had our lunch, hubby opted to have a pictorial first and take a dip in the crystal clear sea. I really love how I totally sink our feet into the powder sugar like sand. Yippeee!!!!

We ♥♥♥ Banol Island! 
Trademark Pose! 
Welcome to Banol Island! 
 Mr. Pogi!

Since its midday plus the fresh air slowly approaches our eyes, we took a nap in the sand under the tree. Amazing feeling! Very relaxing should I say. Overall, Banol Beach is sooooo beautiful. Although the beach was small, but a pristine and beautiful spot that everyone will fall in love with like what we did.