Ma Maison

After our staycation at Berjaya Hotel, we decided to take some rest at home for our next activity on my birthday. Hubby reserved our seats for “One More Try” movie at Greenbelt 3, while I chose to nap for a while. Haha. Syempre birthday ko kaya need ng beauty rest..

Fast forward….

After our movie date, we took our dinner at Ma Maison located at Greenbelt 2 which serve Japanese Western food and where the expensive restaurant lies. Actually, this is not our 1st option but since it’s my birthday I decided to dine at this place and yes, it was our first time to try this restaurant.

The staffs were so accommodating and polite. The place was pretty nice, it has cozy and rustic laid-back ambiance that was very homey, romantic and inviting. I love the remarkable and eye-catching interiors; I really feel the intimacy of the place because of the restaurant’s set-up. (Too bad I only took one picture. Waaahhh)

We took our time browsing through the menu and deciding what we should try out first. But before that, I asked one staff if there are any discounts or promo for birthday celebrant (wala lang malay mo may discount. Hehe) I have no idea that the person who assist us is the Manager.. She told us that she will give me something after meal.. Wow! Excited much!

Hubby chose Ma Maison’s House Specialty Tonkatsu, Wafu – style pork cutlet covered with Nama Panko, fresh, crispy Japanese bread crumbs. Perfectly matched with Ma Maison homemade Tonkatsu sauce and served with Miso soup, side salad and Japanese rice. Just a piece of advice, eat while hot because it is definitely one of the best-tasting Tonkatsu in the country today. Promise! I love the shredded cabbage on the side, and a small scoop of fresh mashed potato, I must say that every ingredient on the whole set complement each other, which made the whole thing a complete package!

Ma Maison’s House Specialty Tonkatsu – Php 345.00

I was craving for some Chicken that night, so I go for Chicken Teriyaki Don - chargrilled boneless chicken slathered with yakitori sauce, topped with scrambled egg, shredded green onion leeks, spring onions, momi nori & Japanese chili. Served with Japanese rice.

Chicken Teriyaki Don Php 245.00

If you want to add miso soup and salad, you need to pay additional Php 55.00. For our drink, I chose Four Season Fruit Shake while Hubby go for Lemon Iced Tea.

Lemon Iced Tea Php 110.00 and Fresh Fruit Shake Php 135.00

After eating, the manager approached us and gave Frozen Green Tea for FREE! Yes! Free because I celebrate my birthday at Ma Maison. Wow! Thank you!

Frozen Green Tea

Frozen Green Tea "four-layered frozen dessert with egg meringue, green tea ice cream, custard cream and Graham crust". The green tea was just a bit too high but it was flavorful but eventually became nakakaumay. Just a tip, be sure to slice it down through the graham crust to enjoy the sweet green tea flavor of this cake. Yum Yum!

Overall, I really enjoyed our dinner; it’s really worth it to spend money for mouthwatering/ delicious dishes. So, if you happen to be around Greenbelt, has money to spare, go to Ma Maison. You will definitely enjoy every bite!

Happy Birthday to Me! ♥

*Sorry for the low quality photos. Since we are going to watch movie, we decided not to bring camera. We just used Hubby’s cellphone. ;)

Ground Floor, Greenbelt 2
Greenbelt, Makati City