Coron Day 1 (Part 2): Maquinit Spring

After the very tiring, exhausting and struggling experience climbing Mt. Tapyas, Ate Steph told us that the last stop for the day was Maquinit Spring, about 20 minute tricycle ride from the town. It is a man-made (private) hot spring whose water streams from the nearby Dalara Mountain, an inactive volcano.

RN – Ate Steph, bakit sya tinawag na “Maquinit Spring”
Ate Steph – kc mainit sya.. (with a smile)
RN – Ah.. Okay, uu nga naman.. Hehe.

The ride to the spring is occasionally rough roads, I prayed that the tricycle would not break down, or else I will scream like a monster if that would happen. Haha.  

There were tons of people when we arrived, good thing Ate Steph look for the best place to stay and put our things in safe.   The place was actually good.  It is nature on one of its finest.  Maquinit Hot Spring is quiet salty.  The springs from mountain is mixed with the seawater and so you get the dual therapeutic effects of saltwater and warmth. You can enjoy the view while relaxing your body and mind.

Before sinking, we opted to take some pictures. Thank you Ate Steph!

Now it’s time to test the hot springs, wohoo! It is really hot at first dip, but once you get used to the temperature it’s really enjoyable and relaxing.  I remember my husband complaining that I should go with him at his first dip, ayaw ko nga.. naka experience na sya ng hot springs sa Japan eh.. Haha.

It was a relief to arrive and dip my whole body in warm spring water. The water was so refreshing after a hard day’s climb to Mt.Tapyas. As per Ate Steph, the water’s temperature ranges from 38-40 degrees. Wow! Hubby and I enjoy one portion of the pool where we sit under a small waterfall and the water falls just right above our shoulder. Wow! Tangal lahat ng lamig namin sa balikat. Amazing!

 Maquinit Hot Spring


Everyone enjoyed dipping in the water, it really soothed my tire and achy muscles brought by our treak to Mt. Tapyas. The water is really therapeutic. After 1.5 hours, we decided to go back to Darayonan to get some rest and of course, we are just so hungry.

Hot Spring at Night

Overall, Maquinit Hotspring is the best hot spring I've ever been to.