Coron Day 1 (Part 1): Souvenir Shop and Mt Tapyas

We availed tour package from DarayonanLodge where we stayed for a few days. One staff told us that our tour will start at 3:3pm so we have some free time to rest or explore the city but since we need to conserve our energy for the tour, we decided to just relax and stay at our room.

By 3:15pm, we left our room and proceed at the registration area for our first activity for the day; one staff introduced to us our tour guide, Ate Steph. We started our exploration with a tricycle tour of Coron town, and for our 1st destination we went at Souvenir shops where you can buy some pasalubongs for your family and friends. We bought key chain and ref magnet, additional to our collections. Yippee!!!

Our next stop was the famous highest mountain at Coron, Mt. Tapyas. While on our way, I keep on questioning Ate Steph about the history of Mt. Tapyas, why it was named like that. She tells us that the mountain was titled “Mt. Tapyas” because during WW1 and WW2, it was bombed which cause destruction to the part of the mountain. To make the story short, “natapyas yung part ng bundok, that’s why it called “Mt. Tapyas”. Ah, yun pala yun.. (not sure kung totoo nga yun ha..)

Anyway, as per Ate Steph we had to climb about a 724 steps to be exact too get the peak. Wow! Ang galing naman ng number 724, parang wedding date lang namin (7-24-12). 

It was made of concrete steps courtesy of the Palawan taxpayers as shown at the foot of the hill. (Note: This is not advisable to those who have heart problems and weak knees)

Here are some photos before we went up.

Perfect Couple ♥
From L-R (Ate Steph, Me na ginagawang tungkod ang tripod and Me na pumo-pose pa)

I know this tour tests our endurance, so to be safe we bought our drinking water to keep us hydrated, towel and shades. (Girl Scout ata to’. Hehe). At first, it was fun but when we reach 50 steps I feel the pain on my knees.. Waahh.. I guess it’s because I do not have regular exercise.  Booo! It was really tiring I swear! Going up on a mountain with stairs which is somewhat more tiring. Huhu. We often stopped to catch our breath and take some pictures.

Hubby's Favorite - Jump Shot
Priceless moment with hubby ♥
The view is fantastic and stunning.

We finally reached the top after 30 minutes or more. Wohoo! I just can't get over the fact that I was able to go to the summit and saw a breath-taking views of CORON. Congratulations! We were greeted with this huge cross and magnificent view of Coron slowly unfolds before your eyes.  The view deck is great as it offers a panoramic view of the island and the town proper. Wow!

Pogi, pwede bang magpakilala.. ^___^

All the pain was worth it. We were rewarded with top view of the Coron town and Coron Island itself, were the famous Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Siete Pecados etc. located. It took my breath away.

It is known to be the best viewing deck of Coron.

We explore the mountain and found ourselves at the back of the view deck, we saw another highest mountain of Coron town (we don’t know it’s name, sorry) I didn’t have any chance to ask Ate Steph because she was so tired, we let her rest for a while. Kakatapos lang rin nya kc sa 1 tour sa pag akyat ng Mt. Tapyas.

We saw octagonal huts on the side of the mountain, which offer quiet views of the steep mountain slope, difference angle of the mountain and the sea. Wow! Amazing view!

Welcome to Mt. Tapyas!
Happiness ♥

After few minutes, we go back at the viewing deck to see the dramatic sunset with the hills and few islands projecting out of the sea. Priceless view!

As night drew near, the sky radiated yellow orange sunlight on the whole town. Wonderful scenery! We really enjoyed it even though the struggle climbing it.