Supplier Review: Project Dream Wedding

Wedding cord symbolizes lifetime unity or everlasting union of the bride and groom when they officially become husband and wife, meaning walang iwanan! It is also symbol of marital protection while the loops formed signifies their love for one another. It also means that you will now have to walk at the same pace towards one direction.

We wanted our wedding cord to be personalized and perfect for our travel theme wedding. I searched online for the possible suppliers who specialized in doing customized wedding cords. I inquire some of them and they send their proposal and sample but I was not surprise or amazed with their works. Sorry pero meron talaga akong hinahanap na bagay samin. OC bride talaga noh..

Accidentally, I clicked “Project Dream Wedding” website and saw some samples of customized wedding cord. I filled-up the inquiry form at the FB page and that same day, I received a detailed proposal from Eyzel. Wow! Ang bilis talaga, and very detailed pa yung email nya. Eyzel is a very nice and accommodating person, she is the owner of “Project Dream Wedding”, and she started her business after she got married to Angelo. She want to translate her desire and love of creating wedding cord and accessories to all the brides who wants to have a personal touch, elegant and thematic wedding accessories  I really admire her passion in doing personalized things for wedding, ganon ata talaga after you got married magiging interested ka na sa pag aayos ng wedding ng iba.

The prices for her personalized wedding cord are very affordable and high-class. Here are the price lists that she gave to me.

Wedding Cord* (Free Shipping Nationwide)

P500 = all acrylic beads / synthetic pearls
P600 = acrylic/synthetic pearls + glass beads accent
P800 = all glass beads
P950 = glass + crystal beads accent
P1,100 = crystal + glass beads accent
P1,300 = all crystal beads/semi-precious stones

- includes initials, trinkets and box for safekeeping.
- customized according to your wedding theme and motif.
- Additional 100.00 for detachable Rosary cord (2 detailed Rosaries that can be detached from the centerpiece)

Since I really love her works, I filled-up the official order form that will serve as our contract then right after that she gave me her account number for me to deposit the 50%DP. I really don’t know her personally, we only transact via but working with her is so easy. Ang bilis nyang sumagot sa email and text if you have other queries or clarification about your order. I just give her my idea and then she executes it on her own, malawak talaga yung imagination nya. Ang galing!

Here are the details I sent to her:

Motif – Pink and Purple
Wedding Theme – Travel
Freestyle or Rosary Cord – Rosary Cord
If Rosary Cord, cross or crucifix? – Crucifix
Type of beads – All crystal beads / semi-precious stones
Initials – “R and I”
Color of Trinkets – Any will do, just use the best that complement our motif.

So after exchanging emails, finally I receive our customized wedding cord four months before our wedding. Yehey! (Photos credit to CD Worx Multimedia)

Brooch at the center

Baggage trinket with "I ♥ travel" encryption

A combination of our main motif, Pink and Purple. Plus our Initials too!

Wow! Amazing! I really love our wedding cord!

US wearing our customized wedding cord ♥

Suggestion to all engage couple, add a personal touch to your wedding. Unleash the creative side of you, and then you will realize how fun it is to the things you love. 

Wedding Rate: 5/5

Project Dream Wedding
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Contact Person: Eyzel