Meet Spark and ATOM

Ian and I are really adventurous couple.  When you say “Adventurous” it means a kind of a traveler one or they go somewhere in the place that they can see some things different even though it’s hard to find it. They will do their best to find what they want and sometimes these people are not contented with one place. Oooppsss.. KAMI YUN!

Other than Photography, Travel and Running, we really love new adventure, new challenge and new things that will strengthen our relationship as husband and wife and so, we decided to pay for a “BIKE”. I know I got masses of lectures from our family about our plan in getting a “Bike”, masama daw ang mag bike sa babae, lalo na sa akin na may plan to get pregnant SOON! (In God’s Will!).

I know how to use Bike because when I was a kid my father taught me how to balance myself in a bike, very supportive Dad. I remember one time when I’m so nervous to turn my bike on the left then I fell.  My father shout and says “Anak, tayo.. Kaya mo yan!” When I heard his voice, I know from that incident happened that I need to be strong, conquer my fear and stand up to achieve my dreams while my parents are there to support me.  

Last Saturday, Hubby and I went in Raon to upgrade our song book with latest hits (You know that my husband really loves to sing. Haha.) then we headed at the other side to purchase a cheaper bike with good quality of course; prior to that, we already finished canvassing few weeks ago.  

My Hubby’s early Christmas gift!

Ian chose Mountain Bike, while I chose Classic Bike (Korean Chic). I prefer this type of bike because of the basket, the color and the style. Haha.  Parang girl na girl ang dating pag nakasakay ka sa bike na to. :p

Meet Spark and Atom!

We don’t have car and the taxi within the area is so hard to find that’s why we decided to get our bike the following day, Sunday. So here is the challenging part, we woke up early and ready our things to get our babies; we arrived at the store by 11am and decided to drive our bike from Manila to Makati. What???!!! Drive as in Magbi-bike kami simula sa Manila pauwi sa amin sa Makati! Haha. At first, I can’t imagine to do that thing, that’s crazy you know. Daming sasakyan sa kalye and we don’t have safety gears to protect ourselves and syempre ang pinaka worry ko is masakit sa hita yun but I saw my husband’s confidence and makes me believe that we can conquer this challenge. Pahirapan talaga kami, mauwi lang mga babies namin.. Waahh..

Ian led the race while I was following him. Another challenge that we experienced was the bad weather, Yes! There are times when the rain started to fall, so we need to search for our temporary shelter and wait for the sun to come out. Hayz! Pahirapan talaga! But you know what, I really enjoyed our drive, it was our first time to experience that. Para narin kaming sumali sa Extra Challenge! Hehe. Thank God, my husband knows the short cut route that’s why we traveled Manila to Makati using our babies for 1 hour.  

Are you ready?

Our heart jumps as we reach Makati, we take our quick merienda along the way before continue our journey. This incident is one of my most memorable experiences I ever had.

We’re turning three months this Wednesday and I am proud to say that OUR LIFE NOW IS AMAZING!

Thank You Honey for your early Christmas gift! J iloveyou!
Next time try naman natin mag Bike from Makati – CCP – Makati ha.. :p