3rd Wedding Monthsary

Isn't it amazing how a person, who was once just a stranger, suddenly meant the world to you? Today, we celebrate our 3rd wedding monthsary, Yihiiii! Kilig! For the past three months of being married with Ian, I realized and learned a lot, like we are transitioning from one life season to another. Well, this is the most exciting phase of our married life yet we still need to discuss it every day.

I remember when we were preparing our big day, there are some people told us that it’s so impractical to start and build a family without being this or that, without having this or that, etc. etc. etc. Para bang nananakot sa pagkakaroon ng asawa.. Hayz! But hearing those words, I was even more encouraged to go ahead and beat the odds; now, three months later, we beat the odds all right because God loves us and not because we’re some perfect couple straight from fiction.

Anyway, today is our day. So no more negative thoughts and let’s just focus on the positive vibes. 3 months of being married and 75 months of being together is incredible! I remember my husband’s personal vow during our wedding, he said that our wedding date is the most important, memorable and perfect date, why? because “7.24.12” means, 7 days of laughter and happiness, 24 hours of fruitful life and 12 months of intimate love. O ikaw ba naman malilimutan mo pa yung “7/24/12”? For sure hindi na..

Three months after our wedding, there are lots of things that we accomplished. We rented a house for the two of us, we bought major household furniture, we traveled abroad, we already know how to budget our expenses, or in short, we already know how to be independent and living together on our own as husband and wife.

Whenever I get home before Ian does, I maximize my alone time by watching television or prepare some food at the kitchen while I wait for him that's because I imposed upon myself to never pay attention to anything else when we're both at home. We watch television together and curdle each other during commercial break, but there are times when the tv is on, it only means one thing: Ian is busy reading Manga Online and I’m not. He never has idle time, that’s my man. Sya na ang pinaka busy tao gabi gabi..:p

There are also times that I would like to watch movie at Cinema One or Teleserye, but I can’t because my husband gives his full attention watching basketball game.. Gggrrr… Ang masama pa nito, hawak pa nya yung remote control! Sometimes, I told him jokingly that I am also the owner of that television and for that reason, I also have the right to watch whatever and whenever I want to. Syempre, conjugal property na yun. Haha. Pero syempre, wala parin akong magagawa, General sya eh, Kumander lang ako..  

But at the end of the day while lying on our bed, we prioritize conversations. We ask each other what happened on that day, we also discuss some issues about our relationship, our future plans and what I really love to do is we pray together before we sleep. I lead the prayer while he response. We prayed Our Father, Angels of God, Prayer for Healing by Fr. Fernando Suarez and our own personal prayer. After that, Hubby will kiss me 4 times on my lips while saying, “Good Night”, “Sweet Dreams”, “Sleep Tight” and “Iloveyou Honey”.

Every morning, I wake up early, say a simple prayer, give my husband (still sleeping) mornings kisses and prepare our breakfast and baon for lunch. As soon as he wake up and before eating our breakfast, he will kiss me on my lips and whisper “Good Morning”. Ang sweet db?! Nakakawala ng pagod yung smile nya every morning samahan mo pa ng kiss! After our breakfast, we do our assigned task; hubby will wash the dishes while I collect all waste in the trashcan and put it in one garbage bag. Hubby will get our towels while I prepare his clothes to wear, and so on and so forth. But what really makes me feel so kilig everyday is that hubby always put my engagement and wedding ring on my finger while saying “Take this ring as sign of my love, loyalty and fidelity” then kiss on my lips. Kilig! Super dami kong gustong i-share with you guys but I think kulang ang 1 column for this one but I promise I will post our other bonding moments in our home.

Okay, pahabol lang.. Hihi.. Here are the activities that we usually do during weekends, every Saturday we are schedule to clean our house then movie marathon and on Sunday Ian and I will fold the washed clothes (We do our laundry every Friday Night) and last but definitely not the least, we attend the holy mass.

This is my life now, this is my happiness. I love every detail in my life at this moment and I thank the Lord our God every day for giving me this life that I dreamt ever since. I’m so blessed to have Ian to train with; he’s assertive and humble, and also very aware of God as center of our marriage. Thank you Lord for all the blessings that we received and will receive. And if you will ask us, “What lies ahead, after marriage? We simply say, we don’t know…. What’s important is we’re facing it together with God on our side. “

Dearest Honey, we just turn three months today. It may sound cliché but it really feels like I have known you forever. Thank you for tolerating my nonsense and most importantly, thank you for always being there. You provide a listening ear whenever I needed one and you are a wonderful confidant. Every moment spent with you become a piece of precious memory because I treasure every moment with you. You are the man beyond my dreams, the man I would marry again, the first one I think about when I wake up and the last one I think about when I go to bed. The more time I spend with you the more I find myself deeper in love with you. I love you and I love us together. Thank you for always pushing me to pray and get closer to God. You are the bravest man I know.

Thank you for everything.. iloveyou!

Happy 3rd Wedding Monthsary Honey! Iloveyou so much!