The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak


I was scheduled to meet one supplier at Glorietta last night when I texted Ian prior to my meeting to have a dinner. Our first choice is to try the newly open restaurant near Paseo Center, but since it’s too hassle for me to travel from Glorietta to Paseo we decided to try it some other time.

We already tried almost all restaurants in Glorietta and we have no other choice but to walk around the mall until we finally decided to give Glorietta 5 a glimpse. We went to Glorietta 5 and picked a place to eat when Ian chose to dine in at Army Navy, but I don’t want to eat burgers last night and so I refused it. He suggested giving Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak another try; we were greeted by a super nice crew and escorted us to our seats. They gave us the menu and instructed us to flip their "moo - flip" card in case we are ready to order. “Stop” means everything is fine with us while “Moo-oove” means we are ready to order or we need something. (Sorry I forgot to take photos)

The place is not very spacious at all because you could unintentionally bump other tables if you are going to pass by so be careful. You can also try the seats outside for those who prefer to dine dine with open air.
There was a LCD TV in one wall and there were two sets of seats which have exhaust pipes. The LCD TV shows you on how to prepare your sizzling rice before eating it. Very interesting shows should I say.

I ordered Beef Pepper Rice, according to their menu it is one of their best seller. Thickly sliced beef teriyaki marinated in their special sauce with their own pepper rice topped with leeks and corn. It was served in a sizzling hot plate guarded with paper encircling the plate to avoid burns from the sizzling effects. The beef was surrounding the rice, which was half cooked because you have to cook the other half while your plate is still sizzling hot. You will also add the sauce provided while cooking if you want.

Beef Pepper Rice Php 237.00 (with 1 round of iced tea)

Ian opted to try the Oyako Pepper Rice – A Japanese-inspired dish of cubed chicken stewed in their special sauce and served with scrambled egg and pepper rice. The taste is just right, juicy and tender.

Oyako Pepper Rice Php 226.00 (with one round of iced tea)

Overall, the serving is enough to satisfy a person on a diet but definitely is not for one who has a big appetite. For the taste, it’s something that you won’t really rave about.

The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak
Unit 3-034 Level 3, Glorietta 5
Makati City