PBB Teens?!

This PBB Teen Edition 4 is the most controversial issues happening inside the PBB House. The issues included Mariz being given a marriage proposal prior to entering in the House, Alec kissing Jai "accidentally", Yves forgetting his girlfriend outside the House and chooses to be with Myrtle and formation of various love teams and triangles, Karen being for easily falling in love and OA acts.

Several Filipino celebrities, like Vice Ganda (number 1 intregera at prangkang artista) expressed his hock with how quick today's teenagers fall in love, ganon na ba talaga kabataan ngayon? With this situation, Vice Ganda made a new expression, "PBB Teens?" with matching high tone, which would mean a flirt or someone who easily fall in love. He mentioned this expression in several episodes on his show, Gandang Gabi, Vice and even at Show Time and the newborn expression became a part of conversations in social media sites and in real lifeWe can relate to what they’re doing or saying because we were once in their shoes but di naman ganon ka exaggerated tulad nila noh. 

Ryan and Karen?!

Yves and Myrtel?!

Now, Ian and I are both 27 years of age but sometimes we act like PBB Teens. Haha.